30 Easy Steps to a Rewarding Career

         “Wheels of Success” is a guide which provides job promotion tips. It reveals a workplace that requires you to sharpen your skills and competitive advantage against a multitude of ambitious peers all seeking career success. Some will be promoted fairly, others will not, and justice will not always prevail. However, it doesn’t matter what the odds are, against you, because with the help of the job promotion tips contained in this guide you can make that promotion to happen. 

  • Are you working hard but your efforts do not seem to be noticed to be considered for promotion?
  • Are you overlooked for promotion in spite of the fact you have qualifications and working experience?
  • Are you the best at what you do, but you don’t get promoted?
  • Are less qualified people promoted while you are stuck in the same position?

Before you start blaming your boss, peers and subordinates for your demise, I recommend that you identify what is making you not to achieve your goals. You must be open and honest to your self because ultimately, you’re the one who needs to work proactively to make that promotion happen. If you rely on someone else for your career success, you’ll probably end up disappointed.

Many people assume that good job skills at their current job make them eligible for promotion. Skills at what you do are important, but don’t necessarily merit you promotion. Aim for being not only great at what you currently do, but also demonstrating ability to be great at the job to which you want to be promoted. Getting a job promotion and attaining that rewarding career is more than a matter of luck. There are specific ways to increase your chance of being promoted, and steps toward getting a promotion tend to remain the same in most working environments.

There are 10 Essential Career Building Blocks discussed in the guide which has been broken down into 30 Easy Steps you can begin to apply today.

   Here’s the breakdown of career management areas that will be covered in the guide in no particular order:

  • Skills
  • Performance
  • Learning unwritten rules
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Building trust among peers and influential superiors
  • Developing good relationships
  • Understanding important corporate intelligence
  • Help people and thus build their respect and allegiance
  • Build alliances based on trust
  • Give-and-take and open communication

 Here are some of the job promotion tips you will learn;

  • How to increase your visibility
  • How to design a “CAR” Formula
  • How to develop a Powerful single page “Leave Behind” document
  • How to use your Portable and Transferable skills
  • “How to” Tips and Techniques that can help you navigate most Job-Testing Examinations.
  • How to make your Boss look good and why you should do that.
  • How to create a Business Plan for the division in which you aspire to work for.

 To demonstrate you are proactive, action-oriented, goal-focused, and you’ve done your research, you will put together an abridged business plan highlighting what you would do in your first month on the job for the position you want to hold.

How to Blow Your Employer Away In a Job Interview.

 If you don’t want just to be “satisfactory” in your job interviews but want to be “extraordinary”, you will be shown important job promotion tips on how to achieve that rewarding career:

  • You will be shown how to be crystal clear about what skills you are selling to the employer
  • How to focus your responses on employer’s needs
  • You will learn how to tell your employer what you can do and what you can offer, the kind of problems you can solve as well as the value and benefits you’ve a track record of delivering.
  • You will be coached on interview questions and given examples on what to say and how to say it.

If you’re looking for a promotion, make appointments quarterly with your boss to show them your “CAR Folder” The more an employee can add value and make a difference to the organization as well as make their boss look good, the better are the chances of the employee to get promoted.

If you are really serious about your future and tired of seeing less qualified people get promoted while you are stuck in the same position, you’ve got to read, understand and apply these job promotion tips in order to achieve that rewarding career.

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Source by Justice Mandhla