Interview Etiquettes – How to Be Successful in an Interview?

Job interview

A job interview is one such thing that every man has to face in his life. In order to face an interview confidently, one should have good knowledge of the interview etiquette. Here, in this lens, I will share some of the well known interview etiquette with you all.

An interview is the process through which an employer evaluates the skills of a person and decides whether he or she is suitable for employment in the company or not. The employer may ask several questions which the person facing the interview has to answer. These questions are targeted to judge the skills, knowledge and attitude of the employee towards his or her work and education. To be successful in an interview, one has to follow some rules which are explained briefly in the following sections.

Punctuality is the Key

If you still have the habit of waking late in the morning, then change it immediately. The first thing that you should keep in mind while leaving for the interview is the punctuality. You should be punctual and should reach the office of the company in time. Try to reach there before 15 minutes so that you have a little time to have water and relax yourself. If you reach there just in time, then you would always be in a hurry and this might spoil your interview. Therefore, punctuality is the key while facing an interview. Do not be late for your interview as this will have a negative impact upon the interviewer and this would also show your bad qualities of being self centered and disorganized.

Dress Properly

Simple and sober dress is the thing to wear for an interview. Do not dress shabbily as this might not impress your interviewer at all. A simple shade of any lighter color can do the trick for you. But make sure to wear dresses that are neat, clean and well ironed. Make sure to tuck your shirts properly as this would make you feel look good. You may or may not consider a tie because it would depend upon the ethics of the workplace. Remember the well known saying “first impression is the last impression” and prepare yourself accordingly.

Be patient

Not every person has this quality in himself/herself. If you already have this quality in you then it is good otherwise start to be patient from today. This quality of yours can be a savior while the interviewer asks the questions. Always be patient and listen to the questions asked by the interviewer. Let him finish first and then you should start giving your answers. Do not be in a hurry to answer even if you know the answer well. This can be a test of patience. Try and answer the questions as briefly as possible but do not deviate from the main topic.

Switch off your cell phone

A cell phone is a nuisance to the employer. Please do not switch on the phone while you are in the interview room. Just think what an embarrassing situation it would be for you when the interviewer is busy evaluating your answers and your phone just rings on. Therefore, please switch off your mobile phone while you are sitting in front of the interviewer. This would count as a bonus point for you.

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