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INR 1,500.00

Raise Your Laptop: With a slim modern design the Aluminum Laptop Stand raises your laptop making it easier & more convenient to interact with your laptop while never worrying about your device overheating. Ergonomic Design Docking Cooler: Provides height clearance for laptops set on tables & desktops & promotes proper sitting posture. Helps prevent neck back & arm stiffness by keeping the screen at eye level. Users can set a wireless keyboard by its base for versatility & convenience in keeping the hands & arms at the right position to prevent strain & carpal tunnel syndrome. Cooling Dock & Accident Preventive Measure: Improves airflow to laptop’s heat sink & fan by elevating it to an unobstructed & cooler airflow. Furthermore it definitely keeps the laptop at a safe distance from liquid or beverage spills. Modern Streamlined Desk Space Saver: Elegance meets solid structure that does not compromise on quality & functionality. Keeps wires & cables under the platform to keep an unobstructed use of your laptop with USB gadgets & devices. Features: • Elegant appearance & unique design show your good taste. • Made of premium high-quality aluminum construction are special aeronautical materials. • Make your computer stand for more convenient use & better radiating. • Ergonomically designed keep you in correct posture relieve & prevent neck strain & pain. • Designed for an ergonomic use which prevents hand & eye strain & promotes proper posture or sitting position. Minimize chances of carpal tunnel syndrome. Best for home & office use. • Compact fold-able & lightweight easy to carry on the go! Specifications: -Type: Laptop Stand -Color: Silver -Material: Aluminum -Item Weight: 450gmsCUSTOM DESIGN: for Macbook Air / Macbook Pro/ iPad Pro and other 10-15 inch laptop. Desk Stand holder for Macbook Notebook computer and iPad.
ADJUSTABLE STAND: Lift your screen to a comfort position and tilt the keyboard to eye level typing. Helps reduce neck strain and eye strain
SILICONE ANTISKID DESIGN : Made of a single aluminum frame with non-scratch Silicone pads the laptop stand is also designed to protect the notebook from scratch and broke. Enhance the friction to hold device more safety.
LIGHTWEIGHT COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: the included handle along with the collapsible design allows the stand to be easily portable makes it convenient for daily carry and travel. Optical size for laptop bag.
PREMIUM ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: the sleek aluminum design of the stand ensures long-lasting quality Open wedge design is good for air flow and heat dissipation during the long time working for laptop and PC.