PUNE: Hospital laboratories are often the most bustling place of any hospital, performing hundreds of thousands of diagnostic tests each day. Two out of three times, these very tests are deciders when it comes to the course of treatment for patients. With emerging technology, we now have access to a multitude of new and novel medications, medical devices, imaging modalities, and minimally invasive procedures, which have transformed the practice of medicine. This technology has extended into laboratories as well, and have the potential to alter the way healthcare is provided as a whole. Drawing attention to this very facet,

With emerging technology, people have access to a multitude of new and novel medications, medical devices, imaging modalities. Drawing attention to this very facet, Ruby Hall Clinic held a conference ‘Expanding Horizons with Emerging Technology in the Laboratory’ in the city recently.

This educative symposium took the initiative to gather world class experts both from academic and the medical industry on a common platform to share practical case experiences along with an understanding of how clinical practice is changing and how to make the best use of means and methods available today.

Medical expert Nita Munshi, director of laboratory and quality, Ruby Hall Clinic and chairperson of the conference said “In a hospital, an estimated 70% of medical decisions are based on pathology and laboratory results making it the medical specialty that nearly every practicing physician relies on every day, specially in an era of evidence based medicine.”

“Technological advances in instrumentation and methodology continue to enhance and improve the laboratory’s ability to expand the types of testing we can provide, and we’ve seen first hand how this makes all the difference in the continuum of care provided. In such a fast-paced environment, utilising technology to help improve the accuracy of a diagnosis is paramount. This conference therefore becomes all the more important at such a crucial time when the healthcare industry is seeing a paradigm shift,” Munshi said.

“The entire healthcare industry and providers landscape is going through a transformation that’s being driven by technological advances. Herein lies tremendous opportunity to tap into this pool of information which ultimately has the power to ensure optimal outcomes for all patients accessing health care, whether for simple situations or for complicated, potentially life threatening situations. Seminars such as this are the need of the hour for taking a step to change healthcare for the better,” said Bomi Bhote, chief executive officer (CEO), Ruby Hall Clinic.