I’ve known many people who’ve told me — in no uncertain terms, I don’t believe in astrology!” When I hear this, I rarely try to change their minds because I understand that this bold statement is usually based on the fact that most people’s knowledge of astrology begins and ends with the daily horoscope in their favorite newspaper or website.   While these brief “star sign readings” can be fun and entertaining, they do very little to address the specific life issues you might be facing at any given time in your life.


So, here’s how sun sign astrology works:  Technically, it takes the sun one year to travel through all twelve astrological signs.  So, say you’re a Cancer, this means that at the exact moment of your birth, the sun was travelling through the segment of the zodiac that is designated for Cancer — roughly the last week of June through the first three weeks of July.   And while it’s true that the influence of the sun is powerful in terms of describing your basic core essence, and it’s also true that astrologers can glean much information from this placement, it still leaves too many unanswered questions as to why one Leo is so drastically different from another.

I used to read my daily horoscope with amusement and sometimes I would marvel at how freakishly accurate it was.  That is, until I realized that what was written just couldn’t be true for every single person in the world born under the same sign as me.  It just didn’t make sense.  And that is where the other planets come into the picture!

Our unique qualities are symbolically described not only by the astrological sign placement of the sun, but also by the astrological sign placements of the other major planets including:  the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (yes, I know Pluto is no longer technically considered a planet, and neither is the moon for that matter — but astrologers have been using it for centuries, so why argue?  All I know is – it works!)

OK, so your natal chart is erected, placing all the planets   in a  circle that looks roughly like a pizza pie divided into 12 slices.  The placement of all the planets in this chart is determined by the degree each planet was in at the exact time and place of your birth..   Charts can be erected without the exact time & place, but they’re not nearly as accurate and specific in terms of what they can reveal about your true nature, etc.

So now that you know that all the other planets and their signs are taken in account,  this explains why a Leo sun with a Pisces moon, for example, would behave quite differently from a Leo with a Sagittarius moon.  The Leo/Sagittarius would have a more lively and outgoing nature, they’d be more of a life-of-the-party type, you know, the  kind you can always count on for a good laugh.  The Leo/Pisces moon would likely be a more sensitive type; romantic with a flair for fantasy or perhaps poetry or photography. They might be interested in acting, or maybe the theatre arts, or they could just be more of a drama queen!

Leo sun sign folks are some of the more creative people; they often have a strong need to shine and or to lead.  In general, they crave attention, but their style of getting this attention is shown by the many placements of the other planets in their natal chart.  The Leo person with Sagittarius moon would be much more overtly comfortable with the attention they receive, while the Pisces moon might secretly love it, but with too much attention you can find this type blushing easily.

Another example might be a Virgo sun with Pisces moon as contrasted with a Virgo sun/ Aries moon.  Virgos, in general, are good with details; they notice small things that most others tend to miss.  They like to hang back and check out a situation from the sidelines before jumping in full force.  A Virgo with a Pisces moon however, might tend to be quite shy.  A great example of this sun/moon combination is Michael Jackson known for his meticulous attention to detail especially regarding his choreography, but also an introvert at heart.   Contrastingly, the Virgo with the Aries moon is rarely shy.  Their Aries moon nature makes them less likely to “hang back” in fact, the Aries moon can make them quite assertive, especially when confronting a situation that makes them feel emotionally uncomfortable, and lord help the person who dares to offend their children!  Famous examples of this sun/moon combination are Salma Hayek and Pink.

Of course it doesn’t stop with the moon sign; each planet has its distinct style and represents a different aspect of personality.  There are lots of computer-generated chart readings available on the Internet.  Astro.com, for instance, offers free charts and basic horoscope interpretations, but as you can imagine with all this information to synthesize, the best readings are done by a “real” experienced astrologer.

I’ve just touched on the tip of the iceberg.  Astrology is a fascinating interpretive art form.  You can compare the placement of the planets in the sky now to the planets in your natal chart (where they were when you were born) and that will give you some insight into the things that are happening in your life today.  For example you might want to understand why suddenly you’re suddenly obsessed with having a baby, when it was the furthest thing from your mind just a few months ago.  This is called a Transit Reading.

You can also compare the planets in your chart to the planets in someone else’s chart and see why even though you’re normally tight-lipped, you can’t seem to stop talking in the presence of someone whose Jupiter makes an aspect to your Mercury.  This is called a Synastry Reading.   An astrologer can look at your chart and tell you what kind of person you would be attracted to – this is called a Relationship Reading.

In a future article, I will explain how the sun and mars in women’s charts reveals the kind of man they’re drawn to, and how the moon and venus in a man’s chart shows the kind of woman he attracts.  In the meantime, I realize I’ve given you a whole lot of information, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at:  astrocharts.by.maya@gmail.com

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Source by Maya