The launch of Windows 8 is probably the most talked of technology news in 2012. Windows 8 has been launched by Microsoft on October 26, 2012 globally to make another addition to the list of operating systems (OS) introduced by the tech giant so far. With the rampant increase in the numbers and incidents related to the viruses and malware it was popularly demanded by PC users to make Windows 8 more secure for users. Microsoft has claimed that Windows 8 is its most secure OS which can prevent online threats best.

Just like users, PC hackers too have waited curiously for the launch of the new OS as they are on the lookout for loopholes so that they can infect PCs with ease. It does apply equally to Windows 8 as well because hackers have started looking for the weaknesses in the security features offered by Microsoft in the new OS. Windows 8 OS indeed carries many good features that can protect your PC from the common online threats caused by viruses and malware.

This article lets you know more about the security features offered by Microsoft with the newly launched Windows 8 OS. Find below some of the OS highlights for better PC security.

Windows 8 has been introduced with a myriad of advanced security components for PCs, tablets and smartphones which remain at risk despite getting installed with antivirus, antispyware and other security programs. The OS has been provided with extra protection because of such concerns. Users have been offered ample security features to keep hackers and malicious software at bay.

Windows 8 Security Feature highlights

In the new OS, Microsoft has introduced UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) by replacing the traditional BIOS system for the secure booting of PCs. Moreover users get an improved Windows Defender, which is an ideal security program for Windows users.

The users of the new OS also get SmartScreen filter, which scans the downloadable files and determines whether it is infected or safe for downloading. Users get ELAM (Early Launch Anti-Malware), which is a tool to ensure that the security software runs first on your system before the Windows loads up. It is meant to prevent any attempt of viruses and malware to sneak into the PC while itstarts up.

An improved firewall is another security feature of the Windows 8 OS. It is now more improved than Windows 7 and keeps a vigil on the incoming and outgoing web traffic. It is assigned with the task to block or restrict unauthorized users.

How does Windows 8 provide you better protection?

Your PC is offered security features like UEFI, ELAM and SmartScreen that work round the clock without requiring the user to manage them. Furthermore, Windows Defender is one of the best security programs for the Windows PCs. In the new edition it has been improved with more features. Most often, it works as a stopgap for the third-party antivirus software which users install on their PCs. It can perform all those tasks which a typical antivirus program does such as virus scanning, malicious software removal, virus and malware definition updates and scheduling of automatic virus scans. So collectively, Windows 8 users get advanced and effective security to prevent online threats and keep their PC clean from viruses, malware, spyware and other similar infections.

Source by Brooke M. Perry