Magnesium oil is a very good source of magnesium chloride, which helps in healing various kinds of body pain problems. Due to high levels of minerals and magnesium, when applied directly on the skin, it gets absorbed quickly and rejuvenates the skin as well as heals certain ailments. Application of magnesium oil on body has many benefits like it increases the level of magnesium which further helps in relieving body pains, rejuvenates skin and also helps in treating hair loss problems. It is important to supply adequate level of magnesium in our body; else the deficiency may lead to problems like restlessness, sleep disorders, low blood pressure, anxiety attacks etc. There are many known benefits of magnesium oil, some of which will be discussed below:-

Helps in Skin Renewal

The last time when you went to a spa and later when you saw some changes on your skin, you must have wondered, what kind of products they use to bring that change on your skin. Well the answer is, large portion of their skin care products consists of good levels of magnesium oil. In order to deliver excellent results, the massagers brush a layer of the oil on the skin. This helps in penetrating the oil slowly and with massaging; it helps in removing dead skin cells, increase blood flow and inducing the lymphatic system. But the benefits of magnesium oil may vary from skin to skin, so do consult a dermatologist before applying it to your skin.

Treats hair loss problems

Another benefit of magnesium oil is to treat hair loss problem. With so much of weather changes and pollution our hair goes through lot of rough patches, because of which our hair gets dull and start to fall. As we let the problem untreated, over a period of time calcium gets deposited in the hair roots resulting in reduced nutrient flow. Using magnesium oil on our scalp daily can slowly dissolve the calcium deposits. Magnesium oil can also help in treating problems like male baldness. You can apply this oil directly on your scalp but again, before using it, consult a dermatologist as it may have side effects on some people.

Relieves Muscle Pain

Other than beautifying your hair or skin, you can also use magnesium oil in treating any kind of muscle pain or joint pain. There are spray forms also available to use on pains directly. Spraying of magnesium oil on certain body parts like thighs, knees and arms can permanently cure achy joints, swollen muscles or muscle contraction. Just spray it directly on the affected areas and gently rub it to let it penetrate deep into the skin. It is simple, the more you rub, the more it would get absorbed in your skin. It would also help in distributing minerals evenly to other parts as well.

Therefore, there are many benefits of magnesium oil that can be used to cure skin, hair and muscle pains. The only recommendation here is that every substance has its own pros and cons and every skin type is different. So before using anywhere on your body you should consult a doctor to see the possibilities of reactions on your skin.

Source by RadiantlightNutrition