There are many of us who do not know what are the right steps to take to be seen as a suitable candidate for the job even before the interview, this is made possible if you can get your resume noticed before the interviewer, and the same can at least get you a fair shot at the job, which is sometime the only thing you need.

Impressive Header
Particularly while applying through email, one needs to have a header that grabs the reader’s attention. One must reference the job opportunity he/she is applying for, and relate that with his experience. For instance “Experienced project executive for marketing position”.

Custom-made Resumes
Generic resumes never give the kind of impression that you are the perfect person for the job, and you need to tweak them in case you want to get your resume noticed. While this does not mean that you should lie and state untrue facts, showing the side of your experience that makes you eligible for the position is ethical as well as necessary.

Career objective
The career objective is the first statement in your resume. Hence, it must have punch to grab immediate attention. Empowering words like experienced, dynamic, leadership, etc. must be included to make it more impressive.

Strengths need to be highlighted
One needs to market his/her skills to get the desired position. The resume must be legible and include concrete facts about the candidate’s achievements. Symbols like % and $ send off very strong signals, as they are an indicator of factual evidence about the person’s performance. Bulleted and numbered lists that describe the job description are most helpful in getting your resume noticed.

Avoid too much detail
A resume is just a means to get you an interview. It should not give everything about you in detail, just the parts that would make the interviewer seem interested in going further.
So there you have it, all the major tips to get your resume noticed in front of prospective employers. Happy job hunting!

Source by Rabiya Ahmad