Just in recent years, has low carb Atkins diet grown in recognition for the reason that more and more people are aware of the dangers of obesity.

Since numerous people had a difficulty persisting with a diet low in fat, they started searching for alternative and they managed to find a very good one in a diet invented by Dr.Atkins.

In the recent years a large amount of individuals have began using Atkins diet, and the end results that lots of them achieved have as a consequence a lot of publicity.

Essentials of Atkins diet

The diet of Dr.Atkins is established on a supposition of cause behind why we develop excess fat. In theory by Dr. Atkins, consuming high quantities of simple sugars and carbohydrates results is gaining weight. The method in which our bodies manage the simple carbohydrates and sugars that are included in our average diet is much more important then the calories consumed.

Lots of times in his book Dr.Atkins points out to occurrence which he calls the insulin resistance. The basis of this theory is that a lot of over weight people have a trouble with their cells and that these cells cease to function as satisfactorily as they should.

In times when we eat excessive amount of carbohydrates, our bodies notice that amounts of sugar are very high. Insulin is being produced by the pancreas gland as a system to collect sugar in a nature of glycogen. This same sugar is then being stockpiled in our muscles and liver for more energy later on in case we might need it.

The drawback is that our bodies have the limit in the amount of glycogen that can be stored at once. The second that we reach this threshold our bodies commence gather it as fat, for later use.

Nonetheless insulin resistant group of people have a even harder time collecting carbohydrates. As our body is exposed to large amounts of insulin, it bit by bit becomes resistant to it. Your body cells are actually protecting them selves from high amounts of insulin doing this. That is the reason why, they create more fat and less quantities of glycogen.

Consequently insulin resistant man and woman start gain additional fat. Reason for this is that the carbohydrates are transformed into fat and not energy. Some common side effects are increased blood sugar, low blood sugar, sleepiness, fatigue, lack of focus, bad memory, intestinal bloating and depression.

In fact insulin resistance has the ability to cause you many more health predicament then just being over weight.

Very good remedy for insulin resistant people is a diet low in carbohydrates. And that is the main part of Atkins diet, limited intake of carbs. Some of the restricted foods are: all sweets including sodas and some carbohydrates that are usually the mainstay of food pyramid like grains, rice and bread.

Every now and then even complex carbohydrates like rice or whole-wheat bread can be completely left out.

What Dr.Atkins diet do is that it places a limit to your daily carbohydrate consumption to 40 grams of carbohydrates per day. The outcome that this has on your body is that it puts your body in a state of ketosis.

So what is a ketosis? Basically it is a state when your body burns fat as fuel. An added major ketosis consequence is that it has a very strong effect on an production of insulin, which prevents added fat stockpiling.

Combined this will force your body to begin using fat as a extremely economical fuel source and this will result in a weight loss.

Because of ketosis, you will as well feel a good deal less carbohydrate cravings. It happened to anyone of us, you begin munching a box of ice cream and there is no way to stop. Over time as you consume always more of carbohydrates you carb cravings will increase.

A lot of people who have used diet by Dr.Atkins have conveyed a great deal lesser craving for eating carbohydrates then previous to the diet. On the other hand you have to know that the earliest stage of Dr.Atkins diet is pretty restricted, and actually demanding for lots of people to follow. For that reason lots of them give up or do not reach good results. You need to see it from the proper angle, Atkins program is going to show you how to reinstate the balance to your diet in the long run.

If you look at it this way you are going to accomplish something and will experience a large decline of body fat. Over time as you advance you are going to again begin to reintroduce carbs to your everyday diet, but is you will now have the understanding how to use them right.

The starting values that are the basis of Atkins diet have ever since been used on many new low carb diets, nevertheless the Atkins diet was pioneer and it is more popular now then ever before.

Source by Adriano Pozzi