A reference refers to an outline of information that allows a writer to acknowledge other people’s contributions in the process of his or her writing. Referencing is important for writer as it ensures that there are no instances of plagiarism in his or her piece of writing. When the writer quotes or paraphrases someone else’s work, he or she recognizes this writer’s work by referencing the work. An appendices example is one such form that could help referencing.

Appendices is the plural form of appendix. An appendix could refer to several things. It could refer to any addition to a document, such as a book, chart, graph or a legal contract. It could also refer to a bibliography, that is, a list of books one has referred to, at the end of his or her write-up. It could refer to a list of phrases, which point towards where one can find related material in the document. Lastly, it could refer to a specific test added at the end of a book, which contains information that is important to the text, though it may not necessarily be the main idea of the text.

Appendices are therefore essential, as they give information that supports ones findings and therefore make the writer’s piece of writing valid and therefore reliable. Relevant information in a text can be placed in the appendices section. This however does not mean that even the semi relevant and unimportant information should be placed here. Only the information directly related to the text should be included here.

Ever separate appendix should be lettered, in the order in which each appears in the text. The first appendix should be lettered appendix A, then the following one appendix B, in that order. This therefore means that when the writer is outlining information in a text, he or she should indicate the appendix to refer to where needed, for example, for the statistical information, see appendix B.

Examples of appendices are very important as they guide the writer on what an appendix should look like and how it should be written.

There are various avenues where one can get examples of appendices. Referring to books is one such way. Every book has an appendices section on the last pages. From here, the writer will be able to get a clear picture of what an appendix is.

The internet is another source from which one can get appendices example. From here, one can also get relevant examples of appendices and here, he or she can get insights on how to write an appendix.

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