So, what is 5Linx? Well, 5Linx is a home based business opportunity and a telecommunications company that has been around since 2001. The hype was pretty crazy over this company initially but has died down quite a bit now although they still pop up now and then with a new product innovation or are featured in a home business magazine of one type or another.

So, is 5Linx a good business opportunity? Well, even though I am an advocate of the mlm industry and have strong ties to MLM and have been successful at building some organizations, I would not recommend that you get involved with 5Linx! Now calm down! Don’t come throught the computer and beat the crap out of me yet! Let me tell you why first.

Just as a side note, if you are already in 5Linx I don’t recommend that you quit! Not until you have learned to successfully build a network marketing organization! That being said, let me tell you why I would never join 5Linx! Frankly, I would never put any of my time or energy in any technology based company for many reasons. Let me impart to you my main two reasons:

First, technology based products work very well in traditional business but are never good for network marketing. Why? Because of negative price pressure in the market place! Let’s say for example you launch a new product that let’s you instantaniously send text messages to aliens in another galaxy. Let’s name the new product (Itext Of The Third Kind)

When you first launch Itext of the third kind the response is freaking huge! You have the only intergalactic text messaging product of it’s kind and you have an 80% profit margin because the competition is nonexistent! You have Earthlings and aliens alike making 20 grand a month across the entire universe in your new MLM company. Business is great!

The problem is that the stories of success slowly fade and a year later China gets in on the scene of intergalactic text messaging technology and are willing to settle for a 5% profit margin sucking up all of your customers because their product is cheaper and better!

In order to compete in the market your company reduces the their product price by 75% causing a huge drop in your monthly commission checks and BAM! You are back at the drawing board starting from ground zero all over again!

Reason 2, I have yet to see a strictly communications based company survive in MLM for any long term period of time. Can you remember Excel communications? Everyone was sure as rain that they would never ever go out of business. What happened? They went out of business even though they were paying out some of the biggest commission cheks in the history of MLM. Why? Because of the price pressure of of the marketplace!

5Linx is a good example of this because the average earnings of 5Linx distributors dropped by a whopping 50% in a one year period from 2006 to 2007 according to 5Linx offcial income numbers.

Hey, when it no longer takes 80 cents a minute to call long distance, a company simply cannot pay out huge commissions to it’s represenatives. This is exactly what is happening with 5Linx as we speak! They are paying out some of the smallest commission checks in the network marketing industry to their top earners!

Now, if you are in 5Linx and you want to make some good money you need to understand that your success is totally and completely independent of the company and relies more on you as a person. There are way too many people in the MLM profession who fail to learn real marketing skills and therefore their business and their monthly checks suffer. Most MLMers could make more money flipping burgers part time at burger king!

The only way to make it in your 5Linx business or any other MLM company for that matter is marketing skills known only by the top 3 percent of all network marketers. It’s a proven statistic that 97% of all network marketers fail and the above mentioned lack of marketing skills is the reason why! Once you understand attraction marketing it will not matter if 5Linx goes under because the people who understand these principles build a loyal following and can be successful in any business of their choice.

If you want to cut through all of the hype and the MLM lies and bull crap you need to Learn the secrets that will allow you to dominate your MLM company when you master them! It’s crucial to your success in any MLM company no matter whether it’s 5Linx or something else! This stuff is not optional and you will likely join the 97% who fail if you fail to learn it!

Source by Matt Hefner