There is a never ending list of reasons why break ups and divorces happen, and its understandable that there are millions of men and women who want to know guaranteed ways to get your girlfriend back. Its never easy to simply let go and move on after a break up and its painful you do.

Too many of us give up on our relationships because we feel that there's absolutely nothing that can be done to save it or because our friends and family members are constantly screaming in our ears "JUST MOVE ON !!" A break up is not a defining line that separates two people and no relationship can not be saved.

Do not ever give up on a relationship because others tell you should. You should not do this because it is not your friend, brother, sister, mother or father who has spent years and decades even in a relationship or marriage with this person. They did not spend that time sharing their mind, body and soul with this person, you did.

We all hear "live everyday as if its your last" and they say this because life is short, and too many of us spend it searching for the right person to live our lives with. Some of us can go through so many relationships until the time we finally settle down with someone we're in our forties and we've wasted so much time using people.

Relationships are serious and very important. Its all about finding someone to share a life with and starting a family with because out of the seven trillion people on the globe today, there are so many who die alone unmarried and without children to remember them for who they were and what they did in life.

If you're looking for guaranteed ways to get your girlfriend back, what you first need to know is that to make that happen you need to have a willingness to do whatever it takes to get her back. While we can say "I'm sorry" to her all day, actions will always speak louder than words.

To get her back you need to make sure you give her a week or two to think about you, the break up and why it happened. A lot of us tend to bombard and annoy our ex with constant calls and texts begging them to get back together with us or call us. We also show up at places we know they'll be, worst of which being their job.

You and her need to speak to each other about the problems you both feel ended the relationship, talk about what you both can do to fix those problems together so that you both can get back together. These are guaranteed ways to get your girlfriend back.

Source by Cynthia Amos