The rate that we gain and retain body fat is part of our DNA.

Thousands of years ago when we were “hunters and gatherers” storing fat was natural for our bodies, so we could endure the unavoidable famine that was sure to come. When our bodies sensed the arrival of a famine ( a major drop in daily calories ) our metabolism would adjust and would burn calories more slowly in order for our bodies to survive.

When we go on a crash diet and radically limit our food intake in order to lose weight, our body will respond as it did thousands of years ago. This causes our metabolism to slow down and conserve calories in the form of fat.

If we don’t eat the proper foods to lose weight fast, than the odds are we will simply store more fat and burn even fewer calories, which of course does us no good in trying to reach our weight loss goals.

And, to make matters even worse, the body sees fat as its main source of energy, so instead of burning fat to make up for the loss of energy, it will start to burn muscle mass (up to 40%), when you don’t the proper foods to lose weight fast. Your muscle tissue can burn calories all by itself, so the loss of muscle tissue is never good.

It is very important to keep your muscle mass, because it is the muscle mass that keeps your body looking “fit and trim”. Someone that weighs 125 lbs. and has little lean muscle but a lot of body fat will not look as fit as someone that weighs 165 lbs. but has a lot of lean muscle and very little body fat. So it is essential that we eat a proper diet.

What this means is that after your crash diet is over, the odds are that will appear even fatter whether or not you have actually lost weight. Also you have programmed your body to store fat thus damaging your metabolism. Once you are back on your normal diet, your body’s mechanism will actually cause it to gain extra pounds.

In spite of what the weight loss marketers and the diet “pill-pushers” tell you, fad diets are a formula for weight gain. At the end of the day, starving yourself in order to lose weight will only set you up for additional weight gain. Over night weight loss is harmful for your body and any diet that would encourage this will cause long-term problems, and in all likelihood, you will end up being heavier than you were.

Even though weight loss, healthy, weight loss, cannot happen as quickly as you are made to believe, you can eat to lose weight in a healthy manner.

A proper diet plan that is realistic and something that you will stick with over a sustained period of time is the only to keep off the extra pounds. It must be a choice that can be a lifestyle change that you enjoy.

If you work on modifying your eating habits, and incorporate an excercise regime and set a weight loss goal of one to two pounds a week while retaining your muscle mass your appearance will improve noticeably and quickly.

Good Luck and keep trying!

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Source by Albert Field