Famous Stones by William Goldberg

Of course there has to be a reason as to why somebody becomes so reputable as William Goldberg in the diamond business. Nobody can just jump off the street and say, “hey! I’m selling diamonds!”  It is actually quite a process developing a reputation that is known worldwide.  A company can’t go be known worldwide without doing something that will make them worldwide.  This is something that William Goldberg has done over and over again.  The Ashoka Diamond Jewelry line is the basic claim to fame of William Goldberg.  This line has perfected the quality of diamonds.  No other diamond line is as blemish-free and flawless as the Ashoka line.  Right after the satisfaction of the customer, quality is the top desire for William Goldberg.  Other than creating the diamond line, Ashoka Diamond Jewelry, William Goldberg’s company has done found some very famous stones that built a reputation with the company.  Rough Pink was a 40.34 carat diamond found in the rough that they are proud to have invested in.  The Beluga was a 102 carat oval diamond that they found that was originally a 265 carat stone.  This diamond was extremely rough, but William Goldberg’s company had the patience to delicately shape and cut this diamond to the beautiful cut that it now possesses.  This diamond is actually the largest flawless oval cut diamond in diamond history.  If that isn’t enough to get a diamond company known world-wide, then nothing is.  Another diamond that has helped shape the fame that William Goldberg’s company has is the Blue Lili.  This diamond is a 30 carat trapezoid cut diamond that can take the breath away from anyone.  This diamond was found in South Africa and was named after William Goldberg’s wife, Lili.  The Briolette is a 75 carat briolette diamond that carries a mystery among it that is incomparable to any other briolette diamond.  A diamond that always is a stunner among diamonds is the Guineastar.  This diamond is an 89 carat shield that was created from a much larger diamond.  These famous stones and a diamond line that can’t be topped have created the worldwide known company by William Goldberg.

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