Plumbers are contributing great service to the society as their job involves improving public health by taking care of clean water, heating systems and sanitation. Due to this the plumbers are of great demand and if the plumbers have the right training and skills there are lot of career prospects in the fast growing economy. If they qualified with required certification and licence they can move into air-conditioning ventilation, heating, refrigeration and electrical industries. The well talented technicians can enter into management, design consultancy and teaching.

The Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors has stated that there has been a rise in the number of people calling plumbers without any qualifications. In addition they also states that this increased fragmentation is damaging the plumbing and heating sector and it cannot tolerate the less qualified and individuals calling themselves plumber. A fully qualified should have completed the City & Guilds NVQ6129 level 2 and 3 which is heart of plumbing qualifications. So if you are trained and qualified according to the required law and legislation you will get high returns in the job. Plumbing will be a different job and you can get into contact different type of people every day.

Plumbing involves work connected with water supply, pipe work including that is used in case of fire fighting, all kinds of heating systems, sanitary appliances, installation of various kinds of gas appliances, and discharge of drainage and pipe work. Plumbing involves wide variety of duties and likely to cross wide range of conditions. Some plumbers work as wet only plumbers and deal with piped systems of water like shower, bathroom and radiator installation. Most of them undergo extra plumbing courses so that they can enter into the gas trade which enable them to install a gas central heating system also. One of the necessary qualifications is to get lawfully registered with the Council of Registered Gas Installers (CORGI) after passing the Approved Certification Scheme).

Plumber should have the capability and enterprise to solve problems, should have urge to find out more about any advancement in plumbing technology, and also should possess professionalism and honesty which is the most important qualification of plumbing. Plumbing school requires their applicants to have a GCSE grade A-C level in Maths and science or equivalent to make sure that they have the ability to understand and follow the plumbing course.

Plumbing is a physical job and simply passing all the plumbing courses are not enough to move further into the job. You have to ready to get your hands dirty, and you should able to use different kinds of equipment and tools in such a way which is effective but safe. Professional plumbers who will take you along with them will help you to gain experience and they will allow you to make a mistake only once and never again.

If you have the full plumbing qualification along with good quality experience then the plumbing job serves you as the most privileged job after years of hard work, which results in high returns.

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