DPF regeneration on normal road trip with “Car Scanner ELM OBD2″ for Android and iPhone
(video speed x 300%)
Volvo V70 5-cyl. D3 2012 automatic transmission

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DPF regeneration took 27 minutes, approx 30 km, started at 25,78 g, finished at 5,73 g. See statistics at the end of video.

What are the symptoms of DPF regeneration? In Volvo D5, D4 and D3 diesel – under regeneration:
– the DPF filter and catalytic converter temperatures rise significantly
– EGR valve is mostly set to 4%
– fuel rail pressure at idle increases to 44-45k kPa (instead of usual 36-37k kPa)
– throttle is almost closed at 20-30% (instead of usual 89-90%)
– the start/stop is NOT available
– fuel consumption rises by 3-4 l/100 km
– fuel consumption never drops to 0.0 under engine braking
– radiator fan often runs noisily when idling at stop lights
– glow plugs are activated

Car Scanner ELM OBD2” app shows DPF soot in Volvo cars 2007-2016:
– 5-cylinder diesel, profile Volvo 2010+
– 4-cylinder VEA diesel, profile Volvo 2014+ VEA (not SPA)

Without this app you need to observe:
– momentary fuel consumption
– Start/Stop function (when NOT available)
– noisy radiator fan
these indicate that DPF regeneration is undergoing.

DPF regen will not start if:
– engine is cold
– you have engine-related error messages
– fuel level is low

Attention: DPF temperature has calculation error, it is falsely hightened by 300 C, it should be closer to temperature of Catalytic converter:
500-300=200 C actual temperature
700-300=400 C actual temperature
(new vIdeo with correct DPF temperature:

You can compare DPF regeneration in city driving filmed with VIDA2014d: