Myspace is the largest social networking community on the world wide web. As of today there are 204,632,231 accounts. Of course some of those are fake, or deleted, but that is a lot of accounts. It is also estimated that Myspace is growing by 500,000 accounts each week.

Before joining Myspace I believed that there was no reason for me to join. I thought there were only teenagers getting together at Myspace. Once I finally joined I realized I couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are all kinds of people, and they are all on Myspace for the same reason, to connect with other people.

This is great for you as a internet marketer, because you no longer have to find traffic, it’s there for you. You just have to choose, among the hundreds of millions of people available, who you want to connect with.

The first thing you will do once your account is all set up is to build your profile. This is pretty easy, you just tell people who you are and what you are all about. For reasons If you are a multifaceted person you may want to make more than one page and keep each facet a page unto itself. For example, I have a “mommy” page, a photography page, my abundance revolution page and I just recently added a business connection page. This makes it easier to talk about each your interests and it also makes it easier to find friends that have specific things in common with you.

This is a key point. I did not say, fill your page with information all about your business. This will not only make people click away from your page quickly, but it may very well get your Myspace account deleted. Remember, Myspace was not created for marketing, it was created to connect with other people. Always remember to be a person first. By being who you are the end result is people will want to know what you are up to, and may join you in whatever endeavors you are involved in. Not because you told them all about it on your Myspace page, but because they like who you are, and they want to be involved in things you are involved in.

When you first create your page at Myspace you will find it is plain and blue. BORING. It also shows that you don’t really care much about your page. People that care and are really there for friendship always “pimp their pages”. There are so many places you can go to find free Myspace Layouts. You can find a layout about anything you find interesting. Once you have found the layout that suits your fancy, all you do is copy the code for the layout, and then paste it into your “about Me” section at Myspace. Bam, it’s done. Now you have a pretty page.

You have the option of choosing a song to play when you page opens as well. You can choose any song you want just by clicking on the music tag at the top of the page. It will ask you to pick someone. When it goes to the page just click add to profile. Easy as that. Music is a really important part of your page. It is very descriptive of who you are. Before they have a chance to read anything you’ve written they will hear the song you have chosen and that will tell them a lot. So choose songs wisely. Make sure the song you choose is congruent with the vibration and message you want to portray on Myspace.

Now that you have an attractive page up and you have filled in all your likes and dislikes, and all about who you are, and you’ve found the perfect song, it’s time to start connecting.

Source by Jackie Lee