Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis which is characterized by sudden, intense attacks of the affected joint with extreme pain, redness, warmth and swelling. Sometimes we need some diet tips to avoid gout. ( Home remedy and self-treatment for gout )

Gout is caused by high levels of uric acid in bloodstream. It is one kind of arthritis which can cause severe pain in big toes and foot. To treat or avoid gout should control or lower uric acid. A build-up of uric acid can happen either because the body produces too much uric acid, or because the kidneys don’t effectively eliminate uric acid from the system. Uric acid can form crystals around the joints such as feet, causing pain and inflammation. The pain and inflammation is not commonly occur, but rather occurs in bouts or flare ups that last from a day to even months without effective treatment. High uric acid is caused by over intake of purine, therefore, gout diet is important for patients to control intake of purine and avoid high uric acid. What is the good diet tip to avoid gout.

Food to eat as to diet tip to avoid gout. Foods containing complex carbohydrates which is different from refined carbohydrates commonly found in white bread and cakes. Complex carbohydrates involve more work for the body to break them down, thus fostering a steady blood sugar level. Whole grains and raw vegetables are found to contain sufficient complex carbohydrates. Foods to eat with gout that are low in purines include, but are not limited to, dairy products, eggs, nuts, pastas, rice, fruits, and most vegetables. Low or no fat dairy products are also suggested to have a positive impact on gout patients. Taking low fat or free fat milk or yogurts. Drinking plenty of water which help get rid of excessive toxins.

Food to avoid as a diet tip to avoid gout. Foods that contain purines include beef, pork, ham, poultry, organ meats, shellfish, certain types of fish, beans, legumes, asparagus, mushrooms, and spinach. It is nearly impossible to eliminate all sources of purine from a person’s diet. The goal is to eat a variety of healthy foods while minimizing the amount of foods in your diet that contain purine.

The idea that patients with gout should avoid taking protein products is incorrect. There are still several sources of protein that can be enjoyed without leading to a painful gout flare up. Sharing this article about diet tips to avoid gout to help more people.

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