Are you interested in volunteering in India? You can visit Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh and be a part of the huge volunteering crowd in this part of the country.


It is headquarter of the supreme head of the Buddhist religion, the 14th Dalai Lama. One of the most beautiful places in India, Dharamsala attracts hordes of tourists. Mcleod Ganj in Dharamsala is the seat of Buddhist culture in India.
• It welcomes people from all walks of life. Whether you visit for voluntouring, to study about Buddhist culture or only to tour the town, Dharamsala is one of the best places to ever visit.
• You can enjoy viewing the various waterfalls that cascade down the hills. You can also go the Tibetan museums and learn in details about the history of the Tibetan culture.
• The Tsuglagkhang Complex, the biggest Tibetan temple located outside temple is situated in Dharamsala. The temple comprises of a huge meditation hall with ‘thangkas’ and statues. You can spend time just by listening to the monks chanting hymns. The complex also consists of the Dalai Lama’s residence.

• A visit to Dharamsala is incomplete without visiting the nearby the villages. These villages are the communities where you will be working as a volunteer.
Types of Volunteering Programmes

As a volunteer in Dharamsala India, you can sign up for different types of volunteering programmes. You can sign up for summer programmes, gap year programmes and other programmes. Volunteering generally involves helping out women in distress, teaching English and computer skills to children, coaching children on sports, helping in developing the community and many more. Classes are held by different organizations wherein you can teach the little children. There are separate sessions for making the people in the community aware of the hazards of environmental irresponsibility. In other words, you can teach them to keep the town clean, so that future generations can live safely.

You can experience a wide variety of aspects in Dharamsala. The following will enlighten you.
# Language

Besides learning Hindi, you can also get an insight into Tibetan language. It is not that you will have to learn the languages fluently, but a few local words are enough to make the people feel happy.
# Cooking
You can learn cooking in Dharamsala. There is no specific dish or style that describes Indian cuisine. Tibetan cuisine is part of the Indian cuisine. You can learn cooking Tibetan dishes besides knowing about other forms of culinary art.

# Yoga

If you are looking forward to learn yoga, the foothills of Himalayas are said to be an apt choice. The peaceful atmosphere, the slopes, the pleasant climate and the purity of the region beckons yoga aspirants from all over the world.
# Photography

If you are interested in capturing beautiful moments, Dharamsala is the perfect place to do so. Take pictures and send them to your family and friends. They would love to see you enjoying in the lap of nature. You can take pictures of the mighty Himalayas and frame them in your room.
# Lifestyle

You can see the lifestyle of the people up-front. The people in Dharamsala live very hard lives because they have to trudge over hills and rugged terrains. There is dearth of water and landslides are common, especially during the monsoon. Yet, they live on with smiles on their faces.
Your volunteering days in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh is going to be an amalgamation of many activities. It will be a two-way transaction. Not only will you teach and help, but will also learn a lot about Dharamsala and its people. So, pack your bags and start your volunteering trip to India.

Source by Carol Griffin