Nothing can bring down your day faster than a headache. An intense headache causes you to become extremely sensitive to your senses and you are often sensitive to expose yourself to external stimuli. There are many reasons that cause a headache many people don’t know about and often times the only solution seems to be cutting out a portion of your life. The following are a few of the common causes of headaches. Once you know what causes a headache you can find better ways to prevent your headaches.

Stress is one of the most common reasons for headaches. When a person is under stress not only do their muscles tense up but their brain also feels weighted down. Headaches are only one effect of stress, but there are also other poor health effects that result from stress. This is why many people focus on aromatherapy and massage as a way to gain relief from their headaches.

The foods we put into our bodies are another cause of headaches. Several food ingredients can cause poor feelings including headaches. Some of these ingredients include alcohol, sugar substitutes, caffeine, chocolate, pickled foods, monosodium glutamate and sugars. You body often responds to these ingredients by starting a headache. To start feeling better you should remove the ingredients from your diet that you find cause your headaches.

Sometimes headaches can serve as a warning sign for troubled times. Headaches can result when you don’t get enough sleep to cause you to be withdrawn. Headaches can also arise if you exert your body to a high degree. In addition, headaches can result both when you get too much food and too little food. To ensure that your headaches are as minor as possible you should treat your body with respect.

A major complication for headache problems in women is hormones. During their monthly cycle many women report an increase in headaches. The use of contraceptives or a pregnancy can alter the levels of hormones in a woman’s body and cause headaches to develop.

There may be a deeper reason for your headaches that you should consider if none of the above factors cause your headaches. Headaches can accompany a variety of illnesses and some of them can be serious. You should speak with your doctor when you have unexplainable headaches that happen out of nowhere. Headaches can be a warning sign of meningitis, lead poisoning or kidney failure. If you are concerned about your headache problems don’t just to any conclusions, by speaking with a doctor you can take care of any concerns you may have.

Source by Bette Daoust