As well as our Seat Arosa taking Fastest Diesel and Fastest Seat, we also took 3 other cars down to Santa Pod this weekend for VW Actions GTi Spring Fest event taking 2nd, 3rd and 4th fastest diesels as well as the fastest skoda!

Specs of the cars:

Skoda Fabia PD130 – Fastest Skoda GTi Spring Fest 2014
361.3bhp & 505ft/lbs
1/4 Mile – 12.11s @ 118.26mph

VW Golf Mk5 PD140 – 3rd Fastest Diesel GTi Spring Fest 2014
291.1bhp & 415ft/lbs
1/4 Mile 13.8s @ 104mph

Seat Leon Mk2 PPD170 – 4th Fastest Diesel GTi Spring Fest 2014
273.8bhp & 415ft/lbs
1/4 Mile 13.9s @ 101.41mph