Whether you are an experienced RV traveler or you are planning your first trip, there are things you need to do before you "hit the road."

These are many of the same things you would do if you were planning to travel to a beach resort hotel and stay there … although there are some differences.

The fact is that if you've ever spent time away from home on a vacation – no matter where that vacation took place – you already KNOW much of what needs to be done to insure that your vacation proceeded seamlessly without problems or unnecessary or unwanted distractions and hassles.

To meet the goal of a worry-free, hassle-free vacation, especially a RV trip, you need to create a comprehensive packing list and make sure you leave nothing out of the list you have created.

As a reasonably experienced traveler, one who has vacationed in the past, you know that there are many things you need to bring along … items that may be difficult to purchase at any or all of the destinations in your trip itinerary. So:

Sit down at a table or desk and place blank paper and pencil before you. Start by putting a headline on the paper: call it RV Trip Packing List . Now … you're ready to begin.

There will be two parts to your Packing List: things you need For You and things you need For Your RV . Common sense should dictate, but the reason for making a list is that before you or anyone else goes on vacation, nerves and excitment make it too easy to forget to pack items you will need. To avoid these oversights, make a list and stick to it.

Here's what you're going to need . On the left side of your blank paper, write a headline, as follows …

For My RV … (1) Fill all Propane Bottles … (2) Charge Battery … (3) Pack Toilet Chemicals (4) Check Tire Pressure and pump air into tires, if necessary – now … (5) Pack Hoses and Cords – power, water, sewage, etc. – all very important, of course … (6) Pack tools for repair and maintenance of your RV while "on the road." These are all critical things you need to do to insure a great trip or vacation. Do not forget – any of it.

· For You … (1) Remember to take along your wallet or purse … for obvious reasons … (2) Pack your Debit / Credit Cards in your wallet or purse (also for obvious reasons) … 3) Pack your medications, especially prescription pharmaceuticals … (4) Pack Maps and written directions for your trip … (5) Put your RV Park Reservations in an envelope and mark the envelope so you remember to bring it with you … (6) Pack toilet paper and garbage bags … (7) Bring along a flashlight (you may need it in an unanticipated emergency) … (8) Pack clothing, including underwear (include lots of changes .. . you can not have too much clothing on your trip) … (9) Bring your personal toiletries … and bring much more, too.

In fact, in addition to everything already listed, it's probably a good idea to pack linens, including pillow cases, sheets and blankets … laundry detergent, bleach, too … insect repellant (especially if you're traveling during the summer … a GPS navigational aid … a hat to fend off the hot sun … sun block to help you avoid sunburn … and anything else that comes to mind.

Yes it looks like a lot. But, keep this in mind. You're traveling in an RV and you're not staying at a hotel. That means you need to take care of all your needs without help from doting hotel staff. You're on your own but you probably like it that way. That's why you own or rent a RV.

Make your traveling experience meaningful and memorable. Take the time to make a Packing List and then pack everything that appears on your list.

That little bit of effort now, before you start your trip, is your assurance that you and your loved ones will have a wonderful time.

Start packing.

Source by Jami Heiskanen