This business of maintaining and repairing computers and devices can be done from a shop or even better, from your home. Being “your own boss” and providing computer repair services from your home, comes with great responsibility and also with a lot of benefits.

Many success stories about business development have started from home. Once you decide to run your own computer repair services company, from home, you must keep thing in mind: it will be a hard work, you will have to be very flexible with working hours, it will not be easy at first, you must advertise your services, and you must be professional and successful in order to have a good word of mouth recommendation.

As we have mentioned, there are also many benefits for those who start their own computer repair services from home: lower costs, you are your own boss, you can manage your working hours by yourself, you will work from home therefore on a slower day you can manage to finish other things around the house, and many more.

Here is what you need to know if you are starting computer repair services from your home:

Starting costs – The business you are about to establish (computer repair services from your home) means very little overhead and that should be very clear from the start. Rent and utilities are already part of your life routine, so that is not a new thing. Phone line is already there too, but keep in mind that you will be using it more, so the bill will increase slightly (it depend on the way you organize work, but keep in mind that customers should call you in need of advice, and not vice versa). Extra phone line might be the only big thing to start with but it will still be cheaper than to get an office phone.

Taxes – another benefit of running computer repair services from your home. Many tax advantages are “in store” for home based companies. Computer, office space even computer can be deducted, on return. Major tax breaks should be left to your accountant; he will find a lot of space to handle your finances with tax deductions and maximum usage of benefits for home-employed individuals and companies.

More time for your family – last but not least, if you are self employed you manage your time. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t take advantage of this fact, but to enjoy the freedom you will experience – always!

Good luck.

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