If you are planning to go out for the carp fishing in France, then it will be an authentic idea to spend time with your partner at a peaceful area. Before, making any plan you should select and shortlist some fishing spots and explore the features and environments of the places. There may be the various reasons to explore the destination features before going, and these are included.

  • Life and health security of you and your partner

  • Explore the environment of the destination

  • Ensure about the accommodation and facilities

  • Transport arrangements

  • Fishing equipment availabilities

  • Popular location around the place

The best way is to write down all the required features what you are seeking for. Explore the features of the shortlisted destinations, then compare them all and select the one which meets perfectly with your criteria for.

What Equipments You Need for carp fishing in France:

If you are a new carp fisher and don’t know what kind of equipments are used for carp fishing then this article will be the helping guide for you. There are various equipments are used in fishing including:

Carp Rods:

If you are a beginner and going to use rods for carp fishing first time and don’t want to start with long distance. So, the ideal distance for the carp angler is 12ft 2.5lb rods. You can ask the destination authorities of carp fishing in France that if they provide carp fishing rods or not, otherwise you can buy from the market or the online stores.

Carp Reel:

The bait runner reel is the best carp reel, as it allows the fish run with bait reel, else you can find your rod yourself. The bait reel is the best equipment for the beginner of carp anglers.

Audible Bite Alarm:

This is the best tool, when your fish caught by the rod bait, you will be indicated by the audible and visualized alarm from the bait. Get a bite alarm along with you.

Rod Bank Sticks:

You need Banksticks to give a support to your rods, the better for choosing the stainless steel rods.

Line and Carp Rigs:

There are various kinds of hooks are available in the market, you can buy according to your convenience, if you are a beginner then you can start with a 12lb fishing line, so you can buy ready-made fishing carp rigs or make your own according to your skills.

Landing Nets and Unhooking Mats:

For the carp fishing the landing and unhooking mats are ideal equipments, but remember that you need a good quality landing net so that it won’t damage the fish, so a strong and fine landing nets are used in carp fishing as it has a lessen chance to damage the fish during the fishing time. So, the fine unhooking net is also preferred for the same reasons.

Bite Indicator Tool:

A bite indicator tool is used to keep an eye on the fish’s direction and action, so keep this tool in your carp fishing tool kit.


Moreover, as a beginner, you can take the help from the experienced carp fishing person, or from the Google


Source by Lionheart Lakes