The name of Mr Chitrak Shah lies in the top notch list of young entrepreneurs today. His dreams have effectively been shaped into projects because he had all the vision and qualities required for that. His projects meet quality with splendid designs. The business clan he comes from had a great potential for quality work which was met with utmost commitment. He is the eldest of the two sons of Mr Satish Nenchand, who had founded the SN Group of companies. Mr Chitrak Shah is the Managing Director of the SN Group. Their brand ‘Shivalik Group’ is among the top companies of Gujarat dealing in real estate business.

His marketing concepts are feasible and practical and have touched new wings of innovation. His plans excel in construction of large commercial and residential sites. The Shivalik Group is primarily based in the state of Gujarat with several business interests. The group has 25 companies under the shadow of its brand located in various cities far and near. This group wishes to bring a transition in the scenario of real estate in Gujarat in cities like Ahmedabad and Rajkot.

The company takes healthy interest in the hospitality industry which is highlighted under the brand name of ‘Platinum’ under the expert administration of Mr Chitrak Shah. His far sightedness has enabled him to purchase new properties and utilise them potentially in the best way possible. When you are indulged in a large business kingdom, you will fall prey to so many ups and downs in your path. Despite several obstacles in his path, Mr Chitrak Shah has managed to overcome all obstacles and has still kept the fame and reputation of his business high. No deviation could affect his professional and personal life. He manages with deftness.

Mr Chitrak Shah is a founder member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation of Gujarat in spite of managing so many companies under his name. The Entrepreneurs Organisation is a platform for business owners from all across the world to interact with each other and to build up healthy business relations. Mr Shah occupies the Finance wing of this prestigious organisation as well. He is a member of the advisory board of the YMCA in Ahmedabad. It is quite evident from here that this young gentleman has made a remarkable presence in business and social realms as well.

This business magnate has even made him accessible to people over social and professional networking sites. This has been done thinking about the commoners who wish to turn up into a great business symbol one day. So if you are a dreamer and you often ponder on making something big in life, you can get in touch with this charming young entrepreneur for pieces of his valuable advices and comments.

The business which was started by his father Mr Satish Nenchand has seen its golden days only after Mr Chitrak Shah took over. It is to be noted that the company has reached the heights of success under his administration. Taking the company to a top height has not only added on to his prosperity but has helped India advance a lot in terms of infrastructural development.

Source by Lily Nicolas