You don’t need big bucks to get big results with cheap advertising methods. In fact, some of the best methods are free. Let’s take a look at some popular inexpensive techniques and ideas.


You can’t get much cheaper than with free email accounts! Grab yours from, or gmail from Or search “free email accounts.” Then place an ad in your signature file.

Set up an affordable website. Although free web hosting comes with ads, plenty of hosting companies offer it cheap to remove the banners. Set up an online portfolio and leads generating form to capture leads, then add this URL to all your marketing and communications.

Get a toll-free phone number and list it on all of your marketing materials and communications.

Joint ventures are a great way to team up and swap ads.

Set up an affiliate program and invite others to advertise for you in exchange for earning commission for each sale. If your company doesn’t have one or has their own version, test one of your own.

Check into ad cooperatives, joining up with others to promote jointly, like in your local newspapers.

Cheap classifieds can result in big sales. Search online and off for good deals. Many websites even offer free ads.

Use ad exchanges like Traffic Swarm where your website is shown in exchange for other websites being shown. Most of the people on these exchanges are involved with home based businesses and could be your perfect prospect.

Cold calling doesn’t cost much but long distance, and that can be found cheap nowadays. Many phone companies even offer unlimited flat rate long distance.

You could advertise on your vehicle with an inexpensive sign or vanity plate.

Your local charity or community club like Lions Club and Jaycess are always looking for help. Get involved with Toastmasters to improve your speaking skills. Volunteer to speak at events. These clubs are always on the lookout for good speakers.

Sign up to teach a course at online teaching sites and at local centers.

Sponsor a contest or fundraiser

Write and submit articles regularly to online directories about your products, services and industry. Submit them to offline media, too.

Set up a blog and keep a daily journal going online.

Get press releases out monthly via and offline to targeted media that cover your industry.

Head to forums and chat rooms in your niche. Sign up for an account, learn their rules and regulations and gradually join the community.

Advertise through free give-aways like: ebooks, reports, manuals, software, trial memberships and downloadable graphics. Make sure your information is on them and even allow others to turn around and give these away for viral marketing.

Sell on eBay: an ebook or report or guide about your products or services. This is a cheap way to generate traffic to your site listed on your About Me page and listed in your sale items.

Source by Carlos Scarpero