Fashion and modelling is not about just walking a parade on the ramp but it includes several other aspects. When you are modelling for clothes you are showing off only clothes you are wearing. If you had done any mistakes that then it is termed as cat walk oops by critics. Famous models normally prefer to wear fashion clothes by fashion designer and they will expose the best which suits them. When you start learning to become a fashion model create a stunning impression on everything your walk, style, talk etc which will make difference in your career. You have to be more professional in your walk and you cannot just walk like, you would casually walk down the street. It is not that easy to learn the aspect of cat walking. As body structures of everyone differ and there is no specific way and if you do not want a cat walk oops experience, it is advisable to adhere to some tips which will help you to perfect your gait.

Your strides should not be longer than your full length of your foot. In cat walking slouching is not allowed so keep your body straight, keep your position very much in line with your back. As you walk, your leg should balance your body weight. It is better to imagine that there is a line, walk by placing one foot directly in front of the other foot all the time. Try to keep moving your legs in a smooth manner and don’t move your hips from side to side too much. You can bend your knees slightly which gives you a natural look when you glide across the cat walk.

Your arms should move forward along with your legs and it will help you to make a professional look. When the left legs moving forward have your left arm also move forward always mimicking the movement of leg and the other way round. Your shoulders and arms should be lose and flow freely and avoid stiffness of both. Apart from all these, practices will brings you great difference as it makes everything perfect. Practise in an area where you can move few steps freely by drawing a straight line and it is very essential that the line must be straight. If you practise in front of a mirror and if there’re mistakes you can watch yourself and can identify them. Moreover you can dress up for the occasion and imagine that there are people watching you or you can do the walk in front of your family and they can point out our mistakes. With all the above steps if you have self confidence you can achieve success in the fashion modelling and cat walk.

Source by vish ks