Role of education in development of youth

Education empowers individuals to succeed in life and contribute positively towards the development of society. The model of the education system in ancient civilizations like Greece allowed citizens to contribute positively to the society and helped the nation to flourish. In addition, education is the highlight of every development as it provides the

Aircraft Carriers – The Future

An increasing number of countries see aircraft carriers as viable platforms for projecting national power - there are currently nine countries which have carriers in at operational status: Brazil, France, India, Italy, Russia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom and the United States. Surprisingly, China does not yet formally have a carrier in service, though

Special Agricultural Grants For Farmers

There are many federal grants, government grants and loans for development and improvement in the various arenas of the agricultural sector. For e.g. there are 30 Farm Service Agency federal, government grants and loans. The Farm Service Agency (FSA) is a part of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) whose main function

The First-Year College Experience

Those of us who are college veterans will never forget our freshman year at college. Some of us may like to forget our freshman year, but in general it is a time filled with anticipation, some anxiety, and wonderful discoveries. College is a lot different than high school. You may decide to commute

How To Prepare Well For CBSE Board Exam?

The CBSE Board Exam of class 12th is being considered as one of the most crucial in the career of a student. The percentage, gain by the students in the exam, is a parameter for admission to top colleges and of course, it is very important for job interviews too. That's why, it

Future of Fashion – ‘dpol’ – Eco Friendly/ Sustainable

Over the last years there has been a relative rush of books on eco and ethical fashion published across the globe. We think this is an excellent indicator of the public’s awareness of how, what, where and whom produced the clothes in our closets. Sustainable fashion is fashion that is designed to be

Tennis and String Patterns

Not every high school student is able to continue their education to the college level. Earning a college degree can be difficult. Location, available courses need to be carefully considered, as well as the cost of enrollment. Many students therefore apply for financial aid; if they are talented in sports, they look into

Shashib Group – A.M.E course

Hello Friends! Looking for a rewarding career?  Build your Career in Aviation as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Shashib Aviation Academy is the premiere AME training institute with eight campuses across India and courses approved by Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India. It provides a strong platform for hard working and sincere

Choosing the Right College – David M

Are you are almost done with high school and are raring to move onto the next stage of your life? Are you finally ready to start thinking about that all important question – How to choose the right college? Following are the top five questions to ask when making this important decision: What

Continuing Education – A Way to Fulfill Your Entrepreneurial Dream

You know how to cook the most frequently consumed snacks and dishes. You have some idea about wines too. You know how to serve people. You could be a restaurateur, right? Opening and running a restaurant seems an easy business until you realize there are hundreds of things and arrangements that go into