| Car News Network is a full-service advertising, marketing, digital, and public relations company based in New York. By utilizing our Network of the industries best talent, we’ve built a reputation for “strategic creativity.”

Car News Network’s strategy is to focus marketing communications to appeal to specific demographics. We research the market, your brands’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and dig down to discover what really makes your customer base react. Our campaigns are custom designed and built on the premise of influencing the target audience by providing tailored information while reinforcing a brand offering.

Car News Network has its roots in video production, from full service, exceptionally creative television production, including scripting, casting and editing, our team will custom create an full campaign around the video that will engage with your customers on a whole new level!

This spot was scripted and cast especially for the Spanish market in Queens, New York City.

Criss Castle
Car News Network
New York, New York

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Dave Stanford
Production Manager
Car News Network