Individuals, who take birth in between 21st December to 19th January fall under Capricorn sun sign. Today, you would have the charming personality and you will get the fascination of others. People would like to see you in a leadership role and will follow your words. Also, your views are very effective today but you may feel a little problem in expressing them. Be careful, you may argue with an elder person. Today, you may show your talent and can do something different from others. Now, your hands are slightly open in terms of expenditure. You will spend money on hobbies and recreation. In addition to this, your expenses may be on unnecessary stuff. You may also have some conflicts with someone in money related matters. So, you need to keep control on your anger to overcome such controversies. If you feel mentally dull then can divert your interest towards entertainment programs. This time, you would be able to complete your daily tasks as well as will get the stuck money. Now, old tribulations will be ended and you will move forward in life with full confidence. Today, either you can leave an old habit or can bring a new addiction, so keep focus on your goal.

As per the predictions of Capricorn Daily Forecast, you may travel and have party with interested Kin. But your physical and mental health may disturb you after noon. Now, you may have certain clashes with family members and co-workers. Your horoscope advises you to keep control over negative thoughts at this time.

Besides all, Capricorn Daily Horoscope predicts that you would have to adopt a solid strategy for dealing with the current crisis. If your vehicle is defective then do not drive it today, otherwise it may cause an accident. You will be attracted by someone during the visit of any religious or historical site. So, you should not hesitate and go ahead to take his/her mobile number and email id.

Love Life

Today, you will be the most important person for your life partner but now it depends upon you to strengthen your love relationship. Do not interfere in other’s matter this time.


You will get advantages in the business today. If you are doing job, there may be a few tensions at your work place.  Traders may invest in the market after proper analysis.


Today, you need to pay extra attention towards your health. Gastric problems may disturb you. Be laid-back to avoid annoyance.


Students will not be able to concentrate on their studies today. However, the students related to vocational subjects will be able to achieve success.

Family and Friends

The support of both family and friends is in your destiny. Stars suggest you to take precautions while building cordial relationship with the strangers.

Special Tips for Today

  • Chant this Mantra ‘Om Hum Hanumatye Namah’.
  • Donate jaggery and gram at Hanuman temple.

Favorable color- Blue and Lucky number – 8

Source by Truthstar