We all have our personal dreams and one of them is hair loss. Hair loss can have a material adverse effect on our self-esteem and, by extension, our professional and social life. We must find solutions to this problem. To do this, we may begin to wonder what causes hair loss.

We must first know that hair loss is a twofold problem: hair loss and thinning hair. There are three causes of hair loss. Usually, these problems are present concomitantly. And so all three of them must be treated to prevent premature hair loss.


The most important reason is SRD. DHT is the acronym for the hormone called dihydrotestosterone. When the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, merges with testosterone, the DTH is formed. The DRS collects at the base of hair follicles and does not allow the hair to take oxygen and nutrients necessary for good hair growth. Therefore, the hair becomes more fragile and short. If saw palmetto and nettle extracts may be applied, hair growth is enhanced because DTH is becoming attached to them.

Lack of proper blood flow in the scalp

Hair growth is also affected by lack of proper blood circulation in the scalp. Studies have shown that blood circulation to the scalp of those with normal hair is three times higher than the movement of people baldness. If the proper blood flow can be ensured, hair growth improves. The blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the hair.

Blocked follicles

Keep hair follicles free of sebum and dirt is also important because the blocked follicles delay hair growth. Sebum is the oil produced by sebaceous glands of the scalp.

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The ideal serum

If a serum could combine inhibitors of DTH and circulation enhancing compounds, it could be used as a drug for hair loss. The ideal serum should not leave residues that clog hair follicles. It should also be supplemented by a shampoo that cleans the dirt that builds up naturally in the scalp. Used together as a serum and shampoo should improve hair growth and prevent hair loss without causing injury to the user’s hair or scalp.

Source by Dr. Albert