Buy Domain Name For Life – Should you do It?

Are you looking to buy a domain name for life? If you are, after looking on Google I do not think you are the only person who has made this search. Personally, until very lately, I was unaware that It was possible to buy a domain name and hosting for such a long period. I also read about some warnings when it comes to get a domain name for life. If you want to know about them, please continue reading this article.

Is it Really a Free Domain For Life?

An article by Jimmy Zhou warned that free domain names for life came with paid hosting for life, meaning that they were complementary. In fact, according to the author, if a person wanted to have a free domain name for life as advertized, then he should expect that this domain name would be conditional to paying for hosting, for the length of his/her life.

Are You Sure You Want a Domain Name For Life?

What reason is motivating you to buy a domain name for such a long period in advance? I am not questioning your decision, but I know that as human being we can decide to change things along the road. Additionally, let’s say that you have a domain name for life with a hosting company and you want to change hosting.Wwill it be something easy to do? You will have to check this out. Moreover, I don’t recall being asked to leave a domain name I had bought for a year because the year was about to end.

Source by Ayafoue C-B