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Best Tips On Bar Interior Design

Public entertainment forums, events, places and occasions that need audience approval of the same are intended in the most enticing way

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

One of the major roles of a finance manager of a company is investment analysis and portfolio management.  This is considered

Betta splendens- The ultimate tropical fish

The Betta splendens or by its common name Siamese Fighting-Fish is a beautiful hardy tropical fish. This Siamese Fighting-Fish is from

Barcode Scanners: Advantages and Disadvantages

Barcode scanners are used in hypermarkets, departmental stores, supermarkets, hospitals, warehousing, and airports, since inception in the year 1966 when it

Personalize Custom Products For Your Brand Promotion Now

Promotional products can be in many forms. Different products are having their own feature, use & importance. One should be very

How to Keep Your Ecommerce Website Updated and Secure

With each passing day, the web designing industry is facing more and more competition. Thanks to the ever growing competition in

Necessary things to consider in starting a bakery business

Bakery business gets active earlier than the sun comes up, making breads, cakes and pastries very early every morning. All through

Stories We Live

Alusine M. Kanu, D.A.              In McAdams's (2006) article titled Continuity and Change in the Life Story, there are attempts to

Best Paying Careers for Women

Discover the best paying careers for women. Maybe you fell into a job out of need and want a new opportunity,

What is Enterprise Risk Management?

Enterprise Risk Management or ERM is the practice of planning, organizing, executing and managing the activities for a company to lessen

The Benefits of Creating a Website

For getting the benefits of creating a website, it is necessary to understand the advantages of using the internet. The internet

Risk Management (ISO 14971)

Risk Management Almost no business, whether it is a local grocer selling to a handful of customers or a multinational spread

Prana energy proliferated via gayatri meditation

‘Gaya' means Prana or vital force and ‘Tri' means to liberate. ‘Gayate pranaha iti gayatri' which means that which liberates Prana

Selling Vintage Foreign Postcards on Ebay from U.S.A

As an ardent collector of topographical view postcards of U.S.A., Texas and artist signed postcards of great artists such as Alphonse

Leadership skills of Steven Paul Jobs

Steven Paul Jobs (1955-2011)Steve Jobs that how an average student started his journey and now become an idol. Steven Paul Jobs

Why Should You Franchise?

Sometimes when people have a hard time starting up a business of their own, they opt for franchising. Franchising is a

Accounting solutions with QuickBook Online

Every business has a dream to be a successful venture in the industry and to realize this dreams one must have

How fashion brands have embraced social media to engage consumers

The fashion industry has long embraced the benefits of social media to increase brand awareness and reach out to consumers. Key

Should you invest in foreclosure properties?

Bank foreclosure properties are not just for property traders who are in the addiction of buying homes in groups for highest

China Pharmaceutical Industry to grow at 12.5% CAGR by 2014

Emerging Markets Direct (EMD) released the latest China Pharmaceutical Industry Report1H11. China Pharmaceutical market has been growing rapidly as the fourth-largest

Risk: Identify, Prioritize, and Manage It

A Google alert steered me to an article called "Beating the Odds When You Launch a New Venture" that had just

Business Card Slitters For Print Shops

Printing business cards is expensive. A few years ago I got pretty excited about printing services on the internet because it

Akshaya Patra working as a NGO in Telangana

As a mid-day meal NGO in Telangana, The Akshaya Patra Foundation first served free school meal to the children of Hyderabad

Test of an isolated theory impossible

According to the Duhem-Quine thesis, after Pierre Duhem  and W.V. Quine, it is impossible to test a theory in isolation. One

Improving Employee Engagement to Drive Business Performance

A New Strategic Wave  The Employee Engagement Revelation Executive leaders and human resources (HR) practitioners are more frequently recognizing the importance

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