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What Business Can Learn From Doctors: It's All In How You Treat People

What Business Can Learn From Doctors: It's All In How You Treat People By M. Penny Levin, Ph.D. and Judith Lindenberger,

Coal Pulverizer Manufacturer in India

A purchase offer from China's state nuclear power company and its African investment fund has been recommended by the board of

Duty of the Human Resource Management Team in Employee Retention

Research has proved that the reason why people change or remain in their job will bear resemblance all over the world.

India ERP Market – A scenario

In the last decade, ERP software has exploded into the global business landscape. With the opening up of the Indian economy,

Business Continuity Planning : Answer to cost and outsourcing risk

Business continuity planning (BCP) is the creation and validation of a practiced logistical plan for how an organization will recover and

Leveraging Generational Diversity

With 2006 underway and the Baby Boomers beginning their move into retirement, many companies are searching for ways to attract, retain

Looking for properties in India for investment?

When it comes to find the ideal sector to invest in, real estate sector emerges out as the best option for

"Efficient Portfolio Management": A Guide To Effective Investment Supervision Processes

In practice, it is essential to take an integrated approach to clients' wealth management and investment supervision activities.  The integration is

The Benefits of Using Business Powerpoint Templates

Powerpoint is one of the most powerful tools for presenting ideas and concepts to a commercial audience, be they work colleagues,

How to Communicate With Your Family?

There are many situations or difficulties that can hurt a family unit. It could be that a parent or both parents

Effective Communication – Key to Offshore Medical Billing

The idea of outsourcing to offshore medical billing companies has become quite common these days. However, many US outsourcing medical billing

Airtel is Cheating

My husband is subscriber of Airtel and using prepaid sim card.Airtel started sending messages to his mobile. Airtel neither sent a

Managing Liquidity Risk – The 2007 Crisis

The whole question of Liquidity Risk Management has become very topical of late spurred on by the initial liquidity crisis in

10 Benefits Of Good Team Building

Most business professionals agree that good team building is a vital element of a productive company.  Some leaders and managers, however

Petroleum Industry

Globally, 50 to 70 more refineries need to be built in the next five years, as escalating demand from China and

Ethical Behavior in Future Leadership – Nu Leadership Series

Men cease to interest us when we find their limitations. The sin is limitations. As soon as you once come up

Strategic Human Resource Management Is Now All About Developing Future Leaders

Being ranked as a human resource guru, Dave Ulrich transformed the Strategic Human Resource's ground basics and gave it a new

Top Ten Tips For Project Management Success

1. Have a process to follow.Depending on the organization that you are working for or with, the project management methodology in

5 Tips for Creating a Culture of Employee Teamwork

A cohesive team doesn't typically come together by accident. Successful work teams are built by leaders who have the ability to

Learn to Communicate With Spirits – The Reason Why Spirit Communication Can Change Your Life

Who else is considering learning how to talk to spirits? I know it sounds weird to some....blasphemous to others, and simply

Nokia phones vs HTC phones – 2011 latest mobile phones with free ipod

Nokia phones vs HTC phones, truly unmatched comparison. Both the brands have their own business values and business ethics in the

Best Risk Assessment

Just about everything that's involved within the business globe these days consists of risks. The behavior in the consumers might alter,

Do Your Values Match Your Employer's

It is normal for a company to have a set of core values, used to aid in decision making and to

How to Know if a Business Coach is Right For You

Copyright (c) 2009 Alan GilliesBusiness consultants can be an invaluable resource to your organisation. But before taking on a business coach,

Determining Particle Finance in Today’s Economy

In the financial sector, wealth determines many things. However, taking a step back to determine wealth itself, introduces an interesting notion.

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