Business Management

PowerPoint vs. Flash Presentations

Making presentations is an everyday practice in modern business and a great way to address people and deliver your ideas in

Public Speaking: How to Make a Point with Humor

One of the old saws of public speaking says that you should 'Tell em what you're gonna tell 'em. Tell 'em.

The art of presentation in event management

For students who enjoy making things happen, Event management courses can be a most satisfying career. Events happen every day and

A cautionary tale …

I was talking with a friend the other day and they mentioned that, whilst on the bus home from work, they

Leverage to Control Your Risk in Trading the Emini Contracts

In the most recent credit crisis, over-leveraging threatened great economic disaster upon the United States, and leveraging is the name of

What Should I Do To Save My Marriage?

Are you clueless on what you should do to save your marriage? Well then, here is my piece presenting you the

Are You Leveraging Your Vendors for Innovation?

FOSTERING YOUR INNOVATION WITH YOUR VENDORS AND BUSINESS TEAMS Your company may be giving IT vendors more help with their innovation

The "Top 5" Must-Do's to Effectively Onboard Your New Employees

Research has shown over and over again that when time and effort are put into designing effective onboarding processes, the payoff

Risk Management In Banking Companies

RISK MANAGEMENT IN BANKING COMPANIES Risk Management in bank operations includes risk identification, measurement and assessment, and its objective is to

Is eco packaging making retail greener?

All retailers, whether online or High street based (or both) - are being forced to look at new ways and methods

Choosing the Right Recruitment Process Outsourcing Provider- Points to Remember

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) quite simply means outsourcing your company's recruitment process, either in entirety or parts of it to an

Bff's: Why Friendship Extremely Important To Your Team

For completed the arrival of the Yuletide season and belonging to the lights and carols of Christmas can be a very

Outsourcing the Finance Function

Astonishing advances in technology and communications have enabled companies to operate in an increasingly global marketplace. As a result, conventional business

What’s Your Business Manifesto?

What’s your company’s manifesto?  I know you are probably sitting there saying - “what in the world are you talking about

Proper Way To Find A Great Residential Pool Contractor

One of the most crucial things to do when hiring a licensed custom pool contractor is to do a background check.

Workers’ Compensation Safety Issues: the 5/4 Method of Communicating Safety to a Diverse Workforce

As indicated in previous articles, the field of workers’ compensation risk management is not only many faceted and complex but also

Planning a Corporate Event or Conference

Corporate events are organised to attain a wide range of objectives. Such events generally are hosted to rejuvenate a corporation and

Psychological Effect of Window Display

An exceptional window display will be eye getting, useful, special, and help to cement your brand with your clients.  Making the

Database and DBA Management

IT decision makers need a new way to manage the challenge of staffing, utilizing, and retaining Database Administrators (DBAs). Too often,

Fear, Greed and Performance Management

If the universal goal is a high performance, why is performance management so difficult. In this newsletter I will explore the

Warehouse Safety Manual

In a warehouse, there are numerous safety hazards that make the job a dangerous one if all employees don't understand how

Appliance prices average decrease of about four percent

Reduced at low prices Home Appliances Sell Cycle strategy will continue throughout the year, large-size LCD TV , High-end Refrigerator ,

FiltaFry Strategy

It offers a great degree of flexibility and the ability to fill a very select niche that has little in the

Some Simple Ways To Save Costs During A Recession

Below you will find five ways to make a positive change in your business to help you make it through tough

Montgomery Records and Information Management (RIMpro) Best Practices

Montgomery records and information management professionals (RIMpro) are held to a higher standard than your average records management companies that offer

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