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How to Invest Like a VC

With strong bipartisan support, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act has recently (circa March 2012) passed both the House and

Outsider Vs. Insider Doctrine of the Hugging Saint

All cults have different levels of truth. "Outsider doctrine" refers to information and "truths" which are told to the general public.

Role of an Umpire in a Cricket Match

A bat – ball game that entertains the whole mass of people gathered and also the ones who watch it live

Financial Translations – A High-Demand Area In Translation Services

Most global businesses require the services of specialized translation services for filing documents, reports and papers with various regulatory organizations. With

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Boston Terrier

Yes, Boston Terriers are amazing dogs. They make great companions, they're good with kids and other family pets and are also

What is the role of servo motors?

A servo motor is innovative, state of the art rotary actuator, which provides an enhanced control of angular velocity, position and

Best Profitable Business in Nigeria

Looking for the most Profitable Business might be a very great task most especially in Nigeria and if care is not

Business Administration Training Puts You Ahead of the Competition

Areas such as personnel management, general administration, sales, purchasing, accounting and finance, general and public administration and small business or franchise

Where To Get Discount Six Flags Tickets

Six Flags Discounts Whether you are visiting Six Flags for the first time or have been a fan for some time

How To Open An Independent Bookstore – The Best Place To Start

Are you wanting to open an independent bookstore? Are you confused about the best way to start? Trying to visualize the

Disadvantages of waterjet cutting method

Among various cutting methods, Waterjet cutting is one of the most useful machining processes that can be readily substituted for many

Network Marketing Explained

Network Marketing 101 Did you know that Network marketing has become widely popular in the past few years, promising people with

Cost of Starting a Home Based Business

When dealing with a new prospect looking to start a home based business, I know very quickly how serious they are

3 Key Questions To Ask Yourself When Evaluating A Home Based Business

Well, you are ready to take the chance and leave the cubicle and the office for your new corner office in

Raising Venture Capital – Writing the Business Plan

We receive thousands of calls per year from people who have a great idea and wish to raise capital. However, in

Corporate responsibility make good sense says transportation leader Cullan Meathe

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Government Grants to Start a Business

Government grants to start a business are a great idea to get started in the right direction for whatever your business needs. However,

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Based Training

Computer based training is a fairly new approach to training but many people are finding that they enjoy it a lot

Better Health for Senior Citizens

People are living longer these days than in years past.  The average age of longevity is not as young as it

Tricky Business of Divorcing a Business Partner

By Denice Gierach  As published in the Naperville Sun – July 15, 2007, Beacon News 9/23/07 When a business is new

Annual Franchise Legal Update

In our courtrooms last year we saw a multitude of decisions that reflect the state of our economy – "Uncertainty".  1.        

Globalization and Taxes

Globalization and taxation are entities unavoidable in many aspects of our lives.  Globalization by definition is the development of entities worldwide;

10 Signs Your Employees Don't Respect You

I recently heard a manager state that he didn't care that his employees liked him. Instead, he wanted them to respect

Small Business Ideas That are Easy to Set Up

What we do to earn a living is a very big part of our lives and therefore it is equally important

Is Go Yin a Scam or Legit Opportunity? – Go Yin Review

I decided to investigate an opportunity called Go Yin due to the number of scams running online, this is what I

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