Postcards are an effective way for many business owners and
marketing managers to attract new customers and increase sales
from existing ones. Postcards are inexpensive to produce and
mail. You can produce one in less time than you need for a
letter or self-mailer. You can use postcards in dozens of ways
to promote your business.

  1. attract new customers
  2. generate leads for your
    sales force
  3. generate traffic at your trade show
  4. drive buyers to your website
  5. strengthen
    relationships with your existing customers
  6. secure sales
    appointments with qualified prospects
  7. announce a
    special offer
  8. nurture relationships with long-term
  9. introduce new products and services to your
  10. persuade prospects to try your demo software
  11. increase traffic to your retail store
  12. invite clients to your event
  13. persuade prospective
    clients to invite you onsite to conduct a needs analysis
  14. announce the opening of your new business in a
  15. announce a special offer
  16. win back
    inactive customers with a special promotion
  17. publicize
    your new business hours
  18. announce that you will be in
    the area on a certain date
  19. show that your real estate
    firm has listed or sold a home in the reader’s
  20. remind a customer that her car is due for
    a service
  21. announce to clients that you are moving,
    giving your new address
  22. survey your clients
  23. announce the re-opening of your business after renovations
    are complete
  24. distribute a coupon that gives the holder
    a discount at your store
  25. announce the opening of a new
    location near your customers and potential customers
  26. remind customers when the product that you sell (such as
    home heating oil) is ready to be replenished
  27. send a
    follow-up note after sending a sales letter
  28. send a
    thank you note
  29. remind customers of a seasonal deadline
    for ordering
  30. announce a retirement
  31. capture
    names and addresses of potential customers by asking them to
    mail back your warranty card
  32. keep in touch with clients
    with a simple “We’re thinking about you” message
  33. introduce a new manager, sales person or customer service
  34. offer a mystery gift that is redeemed by visiting
    your business
  35. announce that you are going out of
    business (may it never happen!)

Source by Alan Sharpe