The term, Blue Force, is becoming common place in the world of GPS Tracking.   Blue Force refers to ‘friendly forces’ in the military – so as the term suggests, Blue Force Tracking is all about keeping track of your own men via the use of GPS Tracking technology.

Blue Force Tracking (BFT) Systems are essentially made up of a GPS Tracking Device, a network of satellites and a central system / server / computer (call it what you may) that logs and interprets the data.  Combine the three individual pieces of technology and you have a solution that makes up a BFT system.

A BFT System can also be known under a different name.  Some systems might be advertised as Situational Command and Control Platforms (also known as Tactical Systems).  These systems also come with a complete communications platform and can be used for emergency response teams who need to react quickly to crisis management situations.  Due to the nature of the military, it is not unreasonable to expect a Blue Force Tracking System to have to monitor up to 10,000 ‘assets’ at any one time.

A Blue Force Asset could be many things, from personnel on the ground to ships or aircraft.  It could be a piece of artillery or even a building.  It is also possible that a Blue Force Tracking system could be used to locate the whereabouts of the enemy.

BFT has become a fundamental part of crisis management solutions, ensuring that valuable assets are kept away from conflict where possible.  By monitoring troops central command posts can not only keep track of the exact location of their assets, but also communicate with the ‘ground’ to ensure they are able to avoid hostile situations that may arise.

BFT Systems can be used worldwide, as they do not rely on local communications infrastructures.  It is also very difficult to ‘cut’ communications off from Satellite networks which makes it an ideal technology to provide a robust and reliable tracking solution.

BFT Systems continue to evolve, and by combining technical experts with military personnel the two can effectively create a system that can be adapted for any real life military situation.  

BFT Systems are not just an advance in technology.  They are not just GPS devices that have been packaged for sale to the military. Extensive research goes into the development of these systems and how they can be effective within a military situation.  They are designed with a purpose. Blue Force Tracking systems are a fundamental part of the military toolkit that can, quite literally, help to save lives and can be the difference between a conflict being victorious or not.

Source by Ian Sheldon