If you are blogging for the sake of money, Excuse Me, Please Leave it. I think I should make you aware about some harsh realities of blogging. It is the most common thinking that blogging on internet means money-making, very  few among them knows the hidden reality/fact behind money-making.

Blogging is not a game which will make you rich over a night. It is not an endeavor that will bring fast money-making results, it needs lots of efforts, hard work and the most important patience.

I would love to make you aware about the real facts behind this job of blogging. Here are the realities:

Blogging Means Patience

Blogging is the job which must be practiced with patience and calm attitude. It needs time for getting good readers, rankings, traffic. The key of success is to first gain the loyalty of your subscribers.

Blog Needs Consistency

A beautiful garden requires time to time care for getting more attractive, it is also applicable for the blog. A blog will stay beautiful if it is furnished with beautiful and fresh content. If you are writing article, you must maintain the consistency, I mean always try to write one article per day. Do not break the regular posting interval.

Promotion Is Must

If you are writing killer content but no efforts are made towards its promotion. I am sorry; nobody will come to know that you are also doing something. The world of web is very large, the person who is promoting his brand will come at the top, and others will stay staring at the topper. Make use of social media, signature, forums, etc. It will not only promote but will increase the reputation of your blog content in the eyes of search engines.

Extrovert Blog is a Successful Blog

It is the most common mistake practiced by bloggers. They keep on writing good content but in introvert manner. Introvert means talking to him/herself. The article is not in conversational manner. If you are writing article, make them conversational. Your article/blog represents you. A reader must feel that while reading your article, he is talking with you. icon smile Blogging Is Not an Easily Money Making Game : Facts

Make Your Brand

A blog is almost equal to a private business. You must nurture your blog in such a way like you are nurturing your own private company. Promote your brand, stick to your policies and follow the ethics of blogging.

When you are blogging, your expectations must be realistic in order to achieve any type of financial success. Do not day-dream, and be positive and keep going.

What are your views about money-making game of blogging? Do share your views with us.

Source by Rajan Balana