The symptoms of pre-diabetes are early signs for those who will suffer from type 2 diabetes. This condition is commonly called borderline diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance. In this condition sufferer experiences increased blood glucose levels but is not significant to be classified as permanent diabetic. It is quite difficult to detect people having prediabetes since the symptoms are generally not apparent.

Today pre-diabetes has happened to many people around the world. Besides as the preliminary symptoms of irreversible diabetic, it potentially impairs the blood vessels and the heart. But this condition is not the end of everything; there are several ways you can do before this condition turns into monster in your life. You can take preventive measure to avoid from the condition becoming worse. The preventive measures are such as by watching what you eat along with reducing body weight up to 10%. Based on research, 10% decrease of body weight can reduce the risk of developing worse up to 50%. Another prevention method is to do exercise on regular basis, at least 30 minutes, every day of the week.

Unfortunately most pre-diabetics do not even realize that they have experienced prediabetes state until it gets close to seriously developing permanent diabetes. It makes sense since the symptoms are not obvious. Most sufferers do not show the symptoms, but some of them show some symptoms similar to type 2 diabetes such as felling weak, excessive thirst, constant hunger, blurred vision, frequent urination. To obtain accurate information, it’s much recommended to go to the doctor for undergoing two types of tests; they are termed as the oral glucose test and fasting plasma glucose test.

Understanding of pre diabetes symptoms is an important part of efforts to prevent from developing into silent killer. So you could take earlier preventive measures and successfully treat the disease and you would keep enjoying a healthy life like other healthy people.

Source by Sutiyo Na