Best Practices for Hiring New Employees & Posting a Job Opening

Expansion through recruiting efforts is a scary prospect during tough economic times. Granted, things aren’t quite as bad as they were back in 2008 and 2009, but there’s still good reason to be cautious when it comes to expenditures. How do you reach your recruiting goals without shelling out large amounts of cash you can’t afford? It begins with frugal planning. Instead of paying a firm to design your advertising, invest in some software that will help you do it yourself. Instead of advertising in paid media, look for free sources like classified billboards and industry forums. 

The actual posting is also critical to your success in recruitment efforts. Every call you take costs you something, whether its time, effort, or even just a brief distraction at the wrong time. When you place your ad or post a position on a billboard, make sure it’s exact and concise. If you need shipping and receiving help, don’t advertise for general labor. Your phones will ring all day and half of the calls won’t be from folks who are qualified for the position. You could take those extra names and put them in your recruitment tracking system for later use, but is that your goal right now? 

The second phase of the process, after you create ads that are specifically targeted to what your needs are, is to make sure your screening system is solid. Who will be fielding the calls and emails? How much information do you want to give on the initial contact and what will you require from applicants? Consider this carefully and make sure all of your people who are involved in the recruiting and hiring process know exactly what needs to be done. Use a job applicant tracking system if possible so everyone can access it. During times of high volume it will be all hands on deck. 

Once the calls are in and you have resumes to review, who is responsible for that? How many interviews will you want to conduct and who will be doing them? These may not seem like issues to consider during the posting process, but for the system to run smoothly you’ll want all of these elements of the process to be in place. The faster and smoother the process, the less it will cost you in the long run. You can start a recruitment drive on time and end it flawlessly when you find what you need. 

Proper planning leads to seamless execution. When you first decide to recruit and hire new employees, get a team together and discuss all of the elements listed here. Before you make the actual posting, do a dry run with your team, a role-play exercise to make sure all phases work the way they’re supposed to. You may find flaws on the first or second go-around. Work all those out and then post the position. That way, when the phone rings, everyone will know what they need to do.

Source by Darwin Redshield

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