Barcode scanners are used in hypermarkets, departmental stores, supermarkets, hospitals, warehousing, and airports, since inception in the year 1966 when it was used commercially. Some of the major advantages of using barcode scanner are that it efficiently reduces error that is caused by human error. As per recent report submitted by food and drug administration (FDA), the reduction of error by using bar code scanners was as much as 86% in various medical industries. For the purpose of viewing the medication and different doses that patients needs, the medical professionals can scan barcodes.

The effective and efficient scanning of barcode helps administer of the medical industries to correct drugs, medication and doses in the most efficient and organized. Another advantage of using barcode scanners is that it helps to effectively control and keep track of inventory. By setting up alerts for medical items, drugs, commercial items and other products that are out of stock, some of the professionals can order them to fill their requirements promptly. Other important advantages of using advanced bar scanners are that a lot of time is saved. Apart from keeping the inventory organized and under control, the time spent on checking the inventory is reduced significantly by using effective barcode scanners.

The barcode scanners are the quick and fast way of organizing inventory and hence save a lot of time and resource. Although the barcode scanners save a lot of time but the initial cost of barcode scanners is pretty high as compared to traditional ways of maintaining and organizing data. With cheap manpower available in India, most of the companies find it difficult and unreasonable to afford barcode scanner instead of using manpower, which is at least 10 times cheaper than bar code scanners.

Apart from that the barcode can break down and whole data can be erased or corrupted. This may causes a lot of problems as the information stored in the barcode scanners cannot be retrieved once damaged. Since the replacement of barcode scanners can be very costly as compared to hiring the new manpower to do the same amount of work. It is always recommended to buy advanced and good quality bar code scanner, to ensure high standards of quality.

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