“Conditions are now very dangerous and firefighters are unable to prevent the fire advancing,” QFES warned.

“The fire poses a threat to all lives directly in its path.

“Fire crews may not be able to protect your property.”

The warning came after Scenic Rim mayor Greg Christensen confirmed the heritage-listed Binna Burra Lodge, built in 1933, was “fully destroyed”.

Footage shows the lodge’s structures blackened, flattened and mangled, with difficult terrain and narrow roads making it impossible for firefighters to save.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk called Mr Christensen to express sadness at the loss of the “precious resource”, the mayor said.

Interviewed by the ABC on Sunday, Binna Burra Lodge chairman Steven Noakes motioned behind him to his car, “the only asset of the business that I know for sure that I can touch today.”


“It hurts many people of different generations, we all feel the pain,” he said.

“We’re still not out of danger … We’re not sure what’s going to happen so we’ve still got a couple of days of uncertainty if there could be further damage.”

Residents were warned they could suffer more property loss before the fire could be brought under control, with 11 homes in the area already destroyed.

They were urged not to risk returning home before authorities advised them it it wass safe, as falling trees also posed a risk.

“We’re still very much in defensive mode,” Queensland Fire and Emergency Services assistant commissioner Kevin Walsh said on Sunday.

“[With] these very difficult fire conditions that we are experiencing this afternoon, particularly with the wind, there is no reprieve until about Tuesday.

“This still won’t be over for many days to come.”

He said firefighters “stood side by side” battling wind gusts of up to 90km/h.

Mr Christensen lamented people out “sightseeing”, saying they could impede emergency vehicle access while they were “merrily enjoying an afternoon out”.


“There are people who have not grasped the seriousness of this matter,” he said.

Water bombing on Sunday was helping attempts to control a fire that had already burned along a 10-kilometre front from Canungra to Binna Burra but was not able to stop it spreading out of control again on Sunday night.

There were still dangerous hotspots along that line but the fire of concern was at the southern end near Binna Burra.

It was unclear how many people evacuated as many went to friends instead of the evacuation centre at Moriarty Park in Canungra.

Cr Christensen said he believed between 50 to 100 families had been displaced.

There has also been significant livestock losses.

But the mayor said some 80 horses had been brought to Canungra showground where they were sheltering with other animals.

There had been no loss of life, with the lodge evacuated on Friday.


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