The Morrison team has visited Tasmania twice in the final week, pointing to tightening internal polls that suggest they believe they could snatch the electorates from Labor to offset expected losses in Victoria.

He speculated the last time there was a prime minister in Tasmania on polling day was when Tasmanian-born Joseph Lyons was in office during the 1930s.

The party’s chances in Lyons were dealt a blow at the beginning of the campaign when the Liberal Party candidate Jessica Whelan was disendorsed after making anti-Muslim comments on Facebook. The decision has forced the Morrison campaign to back the Nationals candidate Deanna Hutchinson – potentially splitting its vote in the key seat.

“They are our candidate down there in Lyons and we want to wish them all the best,” said Mr Morrison. “I think what is interesting about Lyons is that Labor is doing so badly in Lyons – people are rejecting them because they don’t like the labor greens deal, they know what it means for jobs and their economic future,” he said.

Mr Morrison noted that “four million people have pre-polled around the country before the start of voting,” a record number of Australians. He said he hoped they had made their early decision in favour of the Coalition. “There is a clear choice,” he said.

One voter said he would vote for Mr Morrison because Labor would take away his pension. Labor has no plans to change the pension and has announced more than a $1 billion in free dental for retirees in an effort to quell community unease around its franking credit policy.

Mr Morrison will now head for Sydney, where he will vote, before visiting his parents Marion and John.