UPDATE: A fellow viewer just advised that a copy of this film has finally come out to DVD after all these years. So either two options exist: 1. Watch this dodgy YouTube version for free, or 2. Race down and get your very own dodgy copy on DVD (remember those things??) for probably 20 bucks. So many decisions to make in life…

This is a rare VHS copy of an iconic Australian film of a terrible avionic tragedy that occurred in 1937. This production was only aired once on TV by Network Ten. You cannot get an official copy of this movie from anywhere… trust me, I tried. In 2010, upon digging deeper on some online forum, I came across someone that had recorded it on their VHS recorder back in the day – they were happy to send me a copy for $5. More recently, I noticed someone else uploaded this movie some years back, however I believe this copy is a tad bit better quality (like two resolution grains better) and therefore I uploaded this version.

If you are planning to do the Stinson Hike at Lamington National Park, I recommend you to watch this movie beforehand as you will appreciate the very challenging terrain that the rescuers of the plane wreck survivors and Bernard O’Reilly had to endure. The hike will be so much more meaningful if you know the story.

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More info of this tragic event here:

The Riddle of the Stinson is a 1987 Australian television film about the 1937 crash of the Airlines of Australia Stinson Model A airliner at Lamington, Queensland, Australia and the rescue of its survivors by local Queenslander Bernard O’Reilly (Jack Thompson).