In his opening address on Monday, Crown prosecutor Patrick Barrett told the jury that evidence will show Mr Tarantino, who was then 31, took Quanne from Factory Street in Granville to nearby Second Street, the home of his father who was overseas.

“The accused there strangled her and later disposed of her body in the bushland south of Sydney,” Mr Barrett said. “Her body has never been found.”

Vinzent Tarantino arrives at court on Monday.Credit:AAP

Mr Barrett said Quanne did not attend school that day,  didn’t return home and was reported missing by her brother that night.

“There is no issue in this trial that Quanne is deceased, and we say the evidence will show that she died on or about 27 July, 1998,” Mr Barrett said.

He said a witness, who has since died, saw a young girl get into a white van that morning on the route Quanne usually walked.

“It’s the Crown case that the young girl … was Quanne Diec,” Mr Barrett said. “That was, from the investigation, the last known sighting of her.”

The trial is expected to hear from Mr Tarantino’s former girlfriend Laila Faily that he later asked her if she wanted to go for a drive and collected her in a white van.

Ms Faily is expected to give evidence that they drove for about an hour and a half to an area she thought was a national park, then stopped at the side of the road, where Mr Tarantino removed a wheelie bin from the van and returned about an hour later.

“I expect that she’ll tell you he made reference to the police knowing about the van, and having to return the van or get rid of the van,” Mr Barrett said.

He said Mr Tarantino walked into Surry Hills police station in November 2016 and said he wanted to confess to Quanne’s murder, then had a “detailed interview” that evening with two detectives.

Mr Tarantino’s barrister is expected to begin her opening remarks later on Monday.

The trial continues.

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