Martha Kalifatidis has been accused of photoshopping one of her signature racy photos.

The photo in question shows Martha posing for a mirror selfie at her parents’ house in Melbourne, while wearing black bike shorts and a tight-fitting crop top that flaunted her underboob.

However eagle-eyed fans spotted a strangely blur to the table behind her, leading them to believe she’d been busy altering her snaps and giving herself a bigger thigh gap.

Not long after sharing the risque snap, fans started calling her out over the apparent editing.

“You need to improve your photoshop skills,” one follower said.

“Um did you not fix your left leg? And the pointy elbow. F**k me that’s a bad Photoshop lol,” another wrote.

“Martha, why would you photoshop your photo? You’re not a good example to the young ladies that look at you in these photos …”

Other followers went on to mock the makeup artist for showing her credit card which was visible behind her see-through iPhone case.

“Who else is zooming in for her credit card number?” one follower asked, while another asked, “Is that your dad’s credit card?”

The comment comes after Martha previously admitted on MAFS that she is still financially supported by her parents.

It’s not the first time the reality contestant has been accused of editing her snaps.

Earlier this year fans pointed out how the Married At First Sight star tampered with her Channel 9 promotional image, editing her face and waist — slimming down her jaw and neck.

And the 30-year-old appears to have played with her features again.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the reality star with many commending her outfit.

Even her on-screen “husband” Michael Brunelli jumped in on the action, saying “My Easter treat”.

In a series of Instagram story questions, the 27-year-old primary school teacher defended his “lover” when someone asked if he is “fine” with the posts Martha shares on her social media.

“Every person’s priority should be to empower their partner and support them to express themselves and be confident in their body!” he responded.

Michael also responded to other fan questions about whether he’s still dating Martha.

“I’ll get this one out of the way early,” he wrote. “We are definitely still dating and any article suggesting otherwise is complete bulls**t. We’ve been together seven months.”

He also confirmed that Martha has been living in Melbourne for the past four months.

“But she’ll move back to Sydney shortly and we’ll do long distance until the time is right for me to move,” he said.

The news comes days after the reality star couple were spotted arguing in public — just one day after the MAFS finale aired — at a cafe in Chatswood, Sydney. contacted Martha over her alleged photo tampering but she declined to comment.