Students at Sweet Grass School had a little piece of the moon come down to Earth for them today.

Kids were tasked with building an inflatable lunar colony, and connecting all the bases together with tunnels.

The class is currently in its space and science unit and was inspired by the Canadian Space Agency announcing plans to return to the moon.

They created a temporary habitat for the astronauts to help sustain a base on the moon and possibly further planets like Mars.

The project challenged students mathematically as well as promoted working together.

“This is actually quite a bit of math projects so they are learning about area, space and ratio and they are learning how to take really small scale nets of different kinds of 3-D shapes and build them up really big,” said Vanessa LeCaine, Principal of Sweet Grass School.

Canada joined the U.S.-led Lunar Gateway project earlier this year, which could put astronauts back on the moon’s surface as soon as 2028.