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Salmonella egg contamination could result in 500,000 chickens culled

Posted March 23, 2019 08:49:24 Authorities may order the destruction of up to half a million chickens at a Victorian poultry

Utrecht shooting suspect confesses to crime, second man released

Photo: Depositphotos.comThe man suspected of shooting dead three people on a tram in Utrecht on Monday has confessed to the crime,

Certain bacteria and immune factors in vagina may cause or protect against preterm birth

Seven types of bacteria and certain immune factors in a woman's vagina and cervix may be responsible for increasing the risk

New Zealand pays tribute to Christchurch shooting victims with two minutes of silence, call to prayer

Updated March 22, 2019 12:52:12 Related Story: New Zealand will come to a standstill one week on from Christchurch shootings New

Fast rail between Melbourne and Geelong would slash travel time in half

Passengers could spend much less time getting to and from Geelong.Credit:Joe Armao"This is all part of our plan to manage population

Q BioMed and Mannin Research collaborate with McMaster University to develop GDF15 biomarker glaucoma diagnostic kit

Mar 21 2019 Q BioMed Inc., a commercial stage biotechnology acceleration development company, announced today that its technology partner Mannin Research

Explainer: how are New Zealand’s gun laws changing? | World news

The following is the text of the statement from the New Zealand government on what the changes to the country’s gun

Wife killer Edmund Ian Riggs jailed for 15 years for manslaughter

After waiting almost two decades, the family of slain Queensland mother Patricia Riggs have finally learned of her killer's fate.Edmund Ian

Google’s Stadia is the moonshot game streaming needs

Obviously, plenty of questions still remain. We don't know what Stadia will cost or how well it'll perform with millions of

Stranger Things 3: The Game launches July 4

Stranger Things 3: The Game launches July 4New trailer released.Stranger Things 3: The Game will launch on July 4, developer BonusXP

Labor leader Michael Daley stumbles over key details in leader’s debate

Polled as they exited the Sky News hosted debate, 50 of the undecided voters said they were now more likely to

TEAMS: Tigers to unleash new forwards, big Blue misses

RICHMOND will unleash a new-look forward line for its season opener against Carlton, with star recruit Tom Lynch to be joined

New study identifies CD40 molecule as key entry point for dangerous bacteria

A new study identifies a single molecule as a key entry point used by two types of dangerous bacteria to break

Labor takes out full page advertisement in Australian Chinese Daily

The front page of Wednesday's Australian Chinese Daily. Mr Daley apologised on Tuesday for the video, taken from a politics in the

IS responds to NZ terror attacks, calls for retaliation

Islamic State has responded to the terror attack at Christchurch with a 44-minute video inciting further violence and urging supporters to

Hayabusa2 probes asteroid for secrets

IMAGE: Ryugu is a C-type asteroid -- rich in carbon -- about 900m wide. view more  Credit: © 2019 Seiji Sugita et

Materials could delay frost up to 300 times longer than existing anti-icing coatings

Most techniques to prevent frost and ice formation on surfaces rely heavily on heating or liquid chemicals that need to be

Son of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith works at Melbourne Woolworths

It’s the last place you would expect to find Hollywood royalty Jaden Smith.But Melbourne shoppers were in for a surprise when

‘A perfect platform’: internet’s abyss becomes a far-right breeding ground | World news

No depth goes unplumbed on the far-right forum 8chan. Its threads reveal a seething, toxic mass of rabid antisemitism, neo-Nazism, Islamophobia,

Police Operation Underway In New York

New York hospitals are on a citywide alert as police respond to an active crime scene, involving multiple fatalities in Manhattan.The

Apple Just Casually Announced Two New iPads

Despite having an event booked in for next week, Apple dropped some hardware news last night. Say hello to the new

New evidence for a human magnetic sense that lets your brain detect the Earth’s magnetic field

Do human beings have a magnetic sense? Biologists know other animals do. They think it helps creatures including bees, turtles and

Xiaomi Redmi 7 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 632, 4000mah battery launched in China alongside Note 7 Pro and Redmi AirDots

Xiaomi’s Redmi is among the key smartphone brands offering quality products with a high value for money. After launching the Xiaomi

Elon Musk Shows Off New Starship Heat Shield Test On Twitter

Elon Musk released a video of the latest test of SpaceX’s Starship heatshield technology on Twitter today, this time showing off

Be nice to your gut microbes, says new exhibit, so they’ll be nice to you

Dr Johanna Simkin at her new exhibit, Gut Feelings.Credit:Simon SchluterCurator Dr Johanna Simkin has built a dark and ethereal space, lit

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