Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund has been an abject failure. It is incredible that not one cent of a $5bn Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund promised by the Liberals six years ago, not one cent has been spent in Queensland.

Perhaps even more significantly the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund has probably spent more money on salaries for people who work for the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund than it has on building infrastructure in northern Australia. This has simply got to stop.

Labor today is proposing new changes to the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund, especially to unlock the opportunities of tourism with a billion dollars of the $5bn going to tourism infrastructure and another $1.5bn to support the biggest single investment and new pipelines in Australia so we can get gas flowing from where it is under the ground in Australia to help keep the manufacturing jobs of south-eastern Australia and Darwin and Queensland going.

A lot of Australians pull me up in the street and say it is incredible that for a country that has so much gas in the ground, why Australia pays such high gas prices and that is undermining Australian jobs.